Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

And another thing

by notits fontaine

I woke up this morning to find my boobs had completely disappeared.  Which means I have to be losing weight.

Stupid Kate Hudson chest.  Hate.


7 Responses to “And another thing”

  1. Would you rather have boobs, as small as they were, or skinny thighs? To me, boobs aren’t all that important. And if you want knockers, get knocked up. Then you’ll be plenty sick and tired of them soon enough.

    I still have nursing nipples but have smaller boobs than I had in high school. I’m fucked.

  2. I’d rather have skinny thighs. But if I’m going to wake up flat-chested, I want it reflected on the goddamn scale.

  3. Christ. You’ve lost 10% of your body weight in the last few months. What the hell are you expecting? Count your blessings. There are fatties all over the great state of Alabama who would give anything to lose 10% of their body weight.

  4. Anything except putting down their fried chicken and cheeseburgers, obvs.

  5. I’m feeling like you margo, Ive been eating right & working out, and taking psyllium – my clothes are getting loose and im seeing more definition all over – but the scale is barely moving – It sucks. I want that reassurance that im doing it right.

    And by the way, its better to have no boobs than miniscule AND saggy boobs! Thanks to the joys of pregnancy and nursing thats what im dealing with over here

    Hi Kiki – are we still friends?

  6. Yes, yes. We’re still friends.

  7. Oh good – although the idea of you showing up in the middle of the night to thigh slap me was intriguing…

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