Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

Hey Kiki

Did you know that one serving of Birds Eye Steamfresh Sweet Peas (which is not even a full cup of peas, by the way) has 4 grams of fiber?  That’s the same amount of fiber as a tablespoon of disgusting gaggy psyllium husk.  Plus it has 5 grams of protein.  Guess how much protein psyllium has.



16 Responses to “Hey Kiki”

  1. Oh wow that’s totally awesome! I love how we’re pretending that you’re going to eat a cup of veggies everyday. This is a fun game. What else can we fantasize about? Growing big boobs? The thyroid eating all the cellulite?

    And read about how peas start turning to sugar the moment they’re picked, while you’re busy doing your anti-psyllium research. Geez. It’s only been used for 500 years.

    KAT: Margo’s doctor told her that psyllium sticks to your stomach lining. What do you know about this? Because I can’t find anything about it on the entire internet. I searched THE WHOLE THING.

  2. Maybe if you focused on avocado (which tastes like nothing to me), hummus, mushrooms, and canned pumpkin (seriously! I’ve fed it to my dog to help her poop) you can get your fiber that way. And eat your oranges.

  3. Kiki, are you being an asshole because I just made you do push ups?

    I know peas are a candy vegetable. I do, for your information, focus on mushrooms and hummus, and I like canned pumpkin, so maybe I’ll try that. And I love oranges, you jerk.

    (Avocado is gross.)

  4. You made me embarrass myself in front of my husband at 9pm on a Saturday. We were going to have sex tonight but now he feels sorry for me. Not sexy.

  5. I didn’t make you eat all those cinna-melts and Sonic cheeseburgers that got you this way.

  6. By the way, the doc didn’t say to never take it. He just said too much of it could bring results opposite to what you are trying to accomplish. He said once the initial (ahem) flush happens, once a week is probably enough.

    He also said, “Tell Kiki to grow up and eat her vegetables.”


  8. Guess what my horoscope says today:

    You should have someone verify the results of your work or ideas today. Progress is likely-especially if you seek a second opinion. Believe it or not someone you consider a competitor or foe may be helpful in this matter.

    Thanks, Foe.


  9. You sure are mouthy considering this foe has pictures of the results of your work in a bikini on her cell phone.

  10. Not really, seeing as I have your befores and your most recent bikini shots in much higher resolution.

    But, Kiki, that last one was supposed to be a compliment. Like, you are my noble adversary helping me on the way to enlightenment, and I am yours. And without each other we would never succeed. Sheesh.


  12. You’re now claiming that you didn’t eat those things? Kiki.

  13. Hey – speaking of psyllum – has anyone tried the psyllium husk capsules??? can I do those instead of the powder mixed with cranwater??? cause I can down those pills dozens at a time – no problem!!

  14. I tried the capsules and Kiki yelled at me. She has a point in that you would have to take about 12 of them to get as much fiber as the regular husks. But I’m with you that taking 12 of them is easier than the other nasty stuff. But I thought you use chia seeds, yes?

  15. yes I use chia seeds daily (in the am) – but …. I am thinking of taking the capsules 1/2 hour before dinner to create a sense of feeling full so that I do not overeat as though it is my last meal – ever.

    I eat perfectly during the day – and I mean perfect. I have even added 1 ounce of chicken breast for breakfast and 2 ounces of tuna at lunch – my day diet would make Kat proud… and then I go home to make dinner for myself & BF and then… everything goes into the mouth because I am starving for some reason. I have tried every trick I know to stop this but I can’t. The same phenomena happens during the weekend too.


    It is fucking up my scale results and my motivation

  16. This would happen to me when I was counting calories. I think part of the reason was because all I thought about all the time was food. And even though for MOST of the day, I was thinking about dieting and doing a good job about it, it’s still the fact that it’s ALL I thought about that fucked me up.

    The before-dinner-capsule-idea should help, but if you’re actually starving, then maybe you’re not getting enough protein during the rest of the day. Kat would say to have protein in your snacks, too. I have trouble eating as much and as often as she recommends, but whenever I have a craving or want to eat, I’ll have a small bit of meat or some nuts (instead of, say, cereal or crackers or chocolate)—and that helps. Actually, I have been slacking on that and need to do it some more, so thanks for the reminder! (Lately, my challenge has been to use vegetables, but it’s not working so well.) The cranwater also helps with the cravings, at least for me.

    Kiki just showed me a blog post about someone else’s diet secrets, and they said that after their weigh in, they’d allow themselves to eat anything they wanted, and sometimes even kept a log during the week, so they’d remember on that day off. Seems like a good idea to me.

    ( )

    YOU CAN DO IT, FAITH!! You’re badass! Show that scale who his boss is!

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