Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

Not to sound cocky or anything

by margo fontaine

But being thin is so much better than being a pudge machine like I was before.

Thanks for helping me to make this discovery, y’all.

(PS: Kiki, I’m wearing my new dress today, and look like a stone cold fox.)


7 Responses to “Not to sound cocky or anything”

  1. I love reading such good news. Any compliments from Buddy McJerk?

  2. He just said, “WOW.”

    And then later after I had my fitness class and couldn’t bring myself to change back into real clothes, he IM’d me: “Well, you don’t have to change back into your other clothes, but you do have to wear that dress again. A lot. ‘Cause it’s fantastic.”

  3. Oooooooooh.

  4. He’s probably still thinking about it.

  5. I’ve just been trying to find it, too and that’s all I could find. It’s way cuter than those. And Kiki helped me pick the one that made me look like a fox and not like a secretary from Mad Men, because she’s awesome.

  6. You two are awesome- I need a friend with great taste to pick out things that make me look like a fox too!

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