Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

Off topic: An open letter to everyone everywhere

by margo fontaine

To clarify:

I do not need a husband just so that I can start cranking up the baby maker because my time is running out.  I’m not saying I hate babies, babies are great.  Especially Junior Dogwood, The World’s Greatest Baby In The World.  I’m just saying maybe I’m not the baby making kind, and maybe that is just a-okay totally acceptable and great with me.  Plus, I don’t really think that’s a good reason to get a husband.  And anything one has to force is probably not worth forcing.

To recap:

• Do I want to be in a committed relationship?  Yes.

• Do I want some babies?  Eh.

• Do I think Kiki is the best ever?  Pretty much.


4 Responses to “Off topic: An open letter to everyone everywhere”

  1. Having a baby was the only reason I got a husband. Did I want a baby? Not necessarily, even up until the day I went in to have him. I was not the baby kind. I was the travel the world all by myself kind and head to Miami Beach in the winter kind. Husband wanted the baby and husband wanted to make me his wife before that happened. And man did I love the husband.

    And now here we are, where I am head-over-heels in love with my little turd maker. So forgive me if I want the same for you, dear friend, because Junior Dogwood is the best decision I ever made.

  2. Thanks, ladies. You guys are the awesomest. I didn’t realize I was getting so sensitive about it. Could be the culmination of a life in a family of Mormons who don’t understand why I’m 34 and don’t have 4 of them already, and think it’s probably because I’m a lesbian.

    If I found a hubs like The Hubs who wanted marriage and a baby, then I would absolutely consider it more than I do without that hubs. I would really like to believe that he exists… but I’m just not sure he’s out there.

  3. There are plenty of people totally happy with no kids and plenty of people miserable with kids – same goes for husbands. So do what makes YOU happy – and don’t forget you can travel with kids. There will be a couple of years that it is a hassle- but if they are “trained” from an early age it is a great way to enhance their education (and im NOT talking about Disney world)

    And please know that I when I give you shit about these subjects -I keed I keed – no pressure intended.

  4. Thank y’all. Happy to have shared 😉

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