Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

Lesbo rankings

by kiki dogwood

I am 200% lesbo for Megan Fox.  I had to let these deep thoughts sit with me for a while and that is my decision.  200%.  This is a huge jump up from Ellen DeGeneres, for whom I am currently 75% lesbo, but was more so when I was pregnant.  I do not like her on Idol and neither does Simon, so that’s having a negative impact on the lez-meter.  I would be totally lesbo for her wife if she would put on 15 lbs.

I’m feeling 37% lesbo for Charlize, 85% for Halle, 100% for Heidi, 25% for Natalie, not much at all for Gisele, and ScarJo only reinforces my heterosexuality.  I’m not even feeling it for Angelina (I know, right?).

Nipples? On.


12 Responses to “Lesbo rankings”

  1. I’m glad we agree on Megan. I’m not with you on Angelina though. And yeah, what’s the deal with ScarJo? Eh.

  2. AMEN SISTER!!! I can’t get that picture of her out of my head – you know, the one where she has that red cut out dress on at (I think) the Transformer’s release. Oh. My. Word.

  3. I don’t know if the girls have seen it yet. The one with the snake hip clip situation?


    Nom nom nom

  5. I could go 200% for Megs. But she has to wear her hair down and not talk.

    I could also go 200% for Monica Belucci, and she can wear her hair any way she wants and talk as much as she likes.

  6. Ladies I totally agree with you on Megs. BUT I hate to burst your bubbles. Have you seen the ugly thumb ?

    She had a birth defect. My DH loves her but said he cant get past the thumb !

  7. Hey my dad’s thumb looks like that. I find it endearing. 🙂

  8. thanks for the picture update!

  9. Buddy McJerk has a thumb like that. (Except his is due to a table saw and being distracted by a pretty girl.)

  10. That just shows the difference between men and women . We can look past a club thumb. those Jack ass’ cant . My husband said ” NO way I Could hit that w/ that thumb in the way” REALLY ??? Its a thumb !

  11. E X A C T L Y .

    (Welcome, Mindy!)

  12. Thanks !

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