Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

Friday fat check

by margo fontaine

hoho0482 on flickr

Are you ready for this, girlies?

128.4 lbs
23.3% body fat


20 Responses to “Friday fat check”

  1. Oh. My. God. You are such an f’ing rock star. 120 IS YOUR BITCH (and so is that GD bikini)


    What did you do different? How did you eat? What exactly is your workout class like?

    mmmmm n mn hhmmmmmmmmjnj n,b,n

    (junior dogwood wrote that last part)

  3. Kiki don’t forget poor Margs was plateaued at 131 for like a MONTH.

  4. I do the warm lemon water first thing in the morning. Then I have another glass of water with my supplements. Then meat for breakfast (either 2 sausage links, or a chicken tender, or deli turkey), and usually some raw almonds (a handful) and a 2% latte (okay, fine, with one packet of raw sugar and some cinnamon).

    On days I have class, that happens during lunch, so I don’t have a lot of time to find or eat a meal, so I’ve been eating another chicken tender (and half a protein bar) before the workout, and one more chicken tender (and the other half of the bar) after the workout. If I get hungry in the afternoon, I’ll have some nuts or carrots/humus. On the non-class days, I’ll usually have the chicken and maybe a cup of vegetable soup. (Except Monday this week I had mexican food and yesterday I had some chocolate cake.)

    For dinner this week I had chicken the first night (when I cooked my batch for the week) and mushrooms. The last 3 days, I’ve basically had cold shrimp cocktail. I’m forcing myself to eat more vegetables (but still probably getting maybe 2 servings a day instead of 5).

    Aaaaaand, I’m sure the key is that I haven’t had any wine this week. And I’m drinking more water and cranwater. Or at least trying to.

    The class is an hour long 3 times a week. One day is weight training (sometimes on our own in the weight room, sometimes it’s a led workout with dumbells—I like the last one better). One day is cardio, but it really is more like high-intensity circuit training, so Kat would approve. And then the 3rd day is half and half, so circuits with weights. There’s a LOT of squats, a lot of pushups, and a lot of strategic muscle exhaustion. And it kicks my ASS. Some people say they feel energized and better after exercise, but I have just been super exhausted. We’re supposed to work out 2 other days on our own. I only did one extra day last week (treadmill sprints and abs).

    I am super shocked at the body fat number and how fast it goes down. Last week it was 24.4%.

  5. Well I am super proud of you and you are inspiring me to get off my cellulite this week.

  6. Thanks. I am SUPER happy that I finally broke 130. That plateau was pissing me OFF.

    You can do it!! Plus, you already have the worlds most beautiful stomach. So, just keep that in mind.

  7. Yeah Margo!! You ROCK!

  8. That is pretty amazing. I am trying out the all-carbs-all-the-time plan. It’s not working so well.

  9. I’m on the fail-at-the-end-of-the-day plan. I’m um, failing.

  10. Thanks, you guys!

    When I ate that cake yesterday, I thought I was a) in total heaven, and b) never going to be able to stop the carb intake. And every time I smell bread, I feel like some kind of crack whore and would sell my baby to eat some. (So, maybe the no-babies plan is really the way to go for Margs.)

    When I get that feeling, I drink cranwater. It kind of helps. A little.

  11. And, Kiki, you are not failing. Your body fat is going down! Are you doing everything the same and just plateaued? Or are you eating differently?

  12. I’m not trying very hard right now. We’re on the road a lot, between houses, running errands. I end up eating Jason’s deli or Subway, which is better than McDonald’s. But still, it’s bread, and ordinarily I wouldn’t eat bread. Also, Starbucks Chai (1000% sugar) tea.

  13. Can you pack up easy things and take them with you? Like deli meat and carrots/hummus and apple slices with laughing cow cheese? And bottles and bottles of cranwater?

  14. I had a bagel with cream cheese and fruit for breakfast. Packs a high protein punch.

  15. I love you Franny.

  16. ❤ Kisses.

  17. I’m 275% gay for Annondog.

  18. You two are making me blush. I love you skinny bitches too.

  19. Good Job Margo – You skinny bitch – I didn’t know about the warm lemon water in the AM. I am committing to eating and working my ass off Margo style from now until bikini challenge weekend !
    I went into a brazilian bikini store today I thought I was doing well until I tried one of those fuckers on. It wasnt even a teeny tiny one.

  20. Try going bikini shopping with Kiki who makes you take a picture of every suit you try on so that you know what it REALLY looks like.

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