Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

Off topic: More internet dating

by margo fontaine

I got this in my inbox this morning:

Meet Craig:



20 Responses to “Off topic: More internet dating”

  1. Oh Em Gee. At least he spelled “you’re” right… points for the smarty-pants?

    Drop dead gorgeous, eh Margo? Hot! He hasn’t even seen your 128 ass yet, either.

  2. Nor will he ever, me thinks.

    But what do I do? I feel terrible just ignoring it. But 2 people so far have mentioned “serial killer” looks when I show them this…

  3. Oh you don’t have your standard you’re-a-nice-guy-but-no-thanks email down yet?

    Dear Craig,

    Thanks so much for your email and the lovely compliment – I always appreciate kind words, especially from strangers!

    It was nice to hear from you but I’m not up for getting together. Good luck with everything!


  4. Seriously. 300% gay for you.

  5. Hehehe. Please feel free to cut and paste verbatim. It wouldn’t be the first time writing rejection emails for other people.

  6. *my first time 🙂

  7. I say no response , if you go the nice route you might set up Mr Stalker !

  8. Nah.. most of the time you never hear from them again, or get a “wow, thanks for writing me back, good luck!” email.


    I’d already forgotten about it so it made me laugh all over again.

  10. PS: This is his bio:

    I’m a former tabloid journalist who covered OJ, JonBenet, and every other high profile murder of the last two decades. I’ve written one true crime, Blood Evidence, and two novels, Testimony and High Profile, and am currently attempting my first screenplay. I also spent more than 15 years as an advertising/marketing consultant and have written and produced more than 100 television commercials.

  11. WTF.

  12. Oh goodness. What is sadder? A single review or the three question marks followed by quotes and a period?

  13. oh good lord. run, don’t walk.

  14. W O W .

    Kiki, you know me. I’m cute. I’m sassy. Why do only crazy people want to date me??

  15. Because you put off the vibe that your heart belongs to someone else and only crazy men don’t pick up on that vibe.

  16. I used to say the same thing. Actually, everyone wants to date you, but you feel worse about the crazy ones. Unfortunately, they think you’re hot too.

  17. OK. I did it. Thanks for the template, Annondog!

  18. Ooh hooray! My pleasure. Keep us posted.

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