Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

Kiki’s getting this body back, y’all

I took the photo out.  It’s actually a photo that used to be on my dating profile so I’m feeling too recognizable.


30 Responses to “Kiki’s getting this body back, y’all”

  1. Isn’t this RIDICULOUS and SLAMMIN’?!

    When was this, Kiki?

  2. This was when I show up to your house with a Junior Dogwood poop bomb, that’s when.

  3. HOLY. SHIT.

  4. I KNOW, RIGHT!?!!

    I would wear that poop bomb for a week if I could have this stomach.

  5. Okay if we’re doing full body shots, i got one coming up.

  6. Margo let me know several weeks ago that she found this photo on my flickr. Why she was looking through my flickr– where I do not even use my name or anything like my name– I do not know.

  7. I was looking for pictures of your smokin’ hot bod. Obvs.

  8. Super Hot!! Get it back kiki!

  9. Okay. I am now frozen in fear. I have an email open to you and two shots to choose from: tiny low-res shot of my ass that is in the shadows so you can’t see my cellie, and a full frontal with no cellie but that defeats the purpose since there is no ass. Why did I volunteer to have this posted on the interwebs again?

  10. (Full frontal=WITH BIKINI. Not for real.)

  11. Send them both and I will choose.

  12. Annondog. You are our girlfriend. We will take care of you. I PROMISE.

  13. Okay fine.

  14. I’ll have you both know I LIVE IN THE NORTHEAST WHERE THERE IS NO SUN. That is all.

  15. Did you not just see my pasty white ass blending in to the white door behind me? (And I live in a place where there is allllllways sun.)

  16. I think I might start the Master Cleanse tomorrow. Anyone with me?

  17. I had chinese noodles for dinner. And I wonder why my ass isn’t getting smaller.

  18. I had tempura shrimp covered in high fructose corn syrup and Miss Dexa Scan had mac ‘n cheese.

  19. I just ate gourmet macaroni and cheese. At 10:00 at night.

    With a glass of Shiraz. Who am I kidding? Two glasses.

    I would do the Master Cleanse with you, Kiki, but it will just set me up for failure. I mean, it’s not like I’m going to throw out perfectly good leftovers of GOURMET MAC & CHEESE. Hello?

  20. Maybe we start Monday?

  21. OOOh where does one find gourmet mac and cheese??

  22. Wherever fat people shop, that’s where. MARGO.

  23. Ive tried it before – I refuse to do it again, sorry.
    Good luck to you if you can bear it. I think what killed me the most was the caffeine withdrawl headaches.
    I am getting desperate too as the big weekend closes in – I will definetely have pics after bikini challenge/kikis bday weekend- I am still looking for something recent.

  24. I have the WORST caffeine withdraw headache today and yesterday. Worst.

  25. Fat people, eh? I think fat people eat walnut shrimp from Panda Express. KIKI.

    (This is what she just ate for dinner, people: )

    I got it at Sun Harvest, which is a natural food store on a smaller scale than Whole Foods. I think they are Henry’s other places like California.

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’m not giving up caffeine. But I’m pretty sure I gained 4 pounds in the last 2 days.

  26. I’ve done it 3 times in the past but only made it 7 days but felt awesome up until then. Allergies were better, insomnia was better, stress was better, relationship and perception of food was better. I’ve been off caffeine for a long time now but I remember before it was 2 days of hell to start.

  27. You cannot be trusted for shit, Margo!

  28. You called me fat people!

    Chai has caffeine, Kiki.

  29. Yes, but I’m not “on it” Miss Once-a-day-that-we-know-about latte.

  30. Once-a-day period, you brat. That’s it.

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