Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

Margo’s real ass

How cute is that?


13 Responses to “Margo’s real ass”

  1. omiguh!!

    (thank you for turning the lights up. and cropping above my vericose vein.)

  2. Okay, seriously skinny bitches? Who are you to even start this blog in the first place? Do either of you SEE Margo’s completely flat tummy and beautiful butt? WTF?

  3. Seriously cute butt going on. So athletic. She used to do gymnastics and has great posture.

  4. Very cute – and look at the lines on her obliques – I see no stretchmarks or cellies on your thighs

  5. That is because Kiki is a Photoshop WIZARD. She changes things without changing things. This is the picture I sent her today, but somehow it looks like a smooth person now. Come to our bikini challenge in 2 weeks, and you’ll see the real thing in all it’s dimpled glory. Plus, we’ll give you champagne in a can.

    Also, thanks Annondog, but this is after I lost almost SIXTEEN pounds. Which I seriously could not have done without this blog and you guys. You bitches are the best.

    Kiki! Show them the super hot pic of you on the roof and the NYC skyline. It’s amazing, you guys.

  6. I can’t find any pics of my butt. I’m working on it.

  7. I did not photoshop Margo’s cellulite. I simply added more light to the photo, which might blow it out a little, but I definitely didn’t take a correction tool to it.

    Margo, I’m not going to rub my pre-pregnancy abs in anyone’s face. My upper body did not match my lower body. Now it’s all matchy: blobby.

  8. Too late. I just posted. You’re welcome, readers.

  9. 350% gay for you. And Kiki.

  10. We are going to be the hottest menage that ever was.

  11. Ill make sure to bring extra champagne to pour on each other too

  12. Jaime is so freaking smart!!

  13. great picture! as I will be in Mexico this week, maybe I’ll take one of mine. . . I need some inspiration!!

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