Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)


You’ve been holding out on us?  You go around doing your Bo Derek and taking photos and you have not shared?  Do you need us to spank you?

Who just got a ladyboner for Annondog? Raise your hand.


40 Responses to “WHAT THE FUCK, ANNONDOG?”


  2. Oh but thanks 😉 Told you I go to the GD every day. Damn it.

  3. *The GD gym.

  4. Sorry, it’s fixed. My brain went bonkers for a minute.

  5. *raises hand.*

    *also: volunteers to spank.*



  6. Heheh. Thanks ladies. And the annongdog thing is making me crack up.

  7. Okay.

    1) What do you do at the gym??

    2) What do you eat??

    3) WHY did you not tell us about the Patron Saint of Bikini Hotness before when you so clearly have known about her for a long time. GOD.

  8. Heheh. Three-way. Sweet.

  9. 😛

    Okay, this is going to go slightly against Kat’s advice, but here goes:

    1) Tuesday/Thursday spin class (45 minutes of cardio, but many times HIIT). Monday/Weds/Friday- 30-45mins of cardio, often running at 6.0, or HIIT, or elliptical if I’m feeling lazy. Then 30 mins of strength training, trying to get some mini intervals in. I have 3-4 “routines” I switch between. Sometimes I will run/ride bike outside/go hiking on the weekend. OH and I just got a wellness program started at work and we have an old trainer of mine come and do an hour of strength during lunch on Tuesdays, so *sometimes* I do that too.

    2) Oatmeal for breakfast w/fruit and nuts. Salad, PB sandwich or deli sandwich for lunch (often with egg whites and/or avocado). Dinner i try to make something healthy like fish/beef chili/chicken/veggie quesadillas/whatever strikes my fancy and attempt to keep it low on carbs. Weekends all bets are off: Indian food, dinners out, scrambled eggs with toast.

    3) Once upon a time I threw my weight out on the blog (we were talking about Jennifer Love Hewitt) but what’s that thing about women never quite being satisfied with their bods? But THAANKS. My ass and thighs have grown from all the spinning and don’t fit into my pants anymore. Feels a bit gross now and then.

  10. You are perfect. Ideal. Making me envious.

  11. Oh and bagel with cream cheese every Wednesday. Sometimes Friday. I dont’ eat that well, really. Just sometimes.

  12. So not perfect. Also picture taken in the shade. I can send you a less flattering pic if it will make you feel better, since your bod is TOTALLY making me jealous. My abs have never looked like that, nor will they ever.

  13. Yes, what Kiki said. We are both very jealous of your boobs.

    And that’s a cute suit.

  14. Kiki, see her perfect thin knees? I don’t think I can ever have truly skinny thighs because I do not have the thin knees.

  15. HAHAH. The boobs are a la the suit. The suit is a la Victoria’s Secret, purchased online. For real.

    And now I must go get my beauty rest. Ta ta, can’t wait for the menage.

  16. Raising Hand over here – what the fuck indeed!
    Your body is SLAMMIN
    If you feel like your ass and thighs are getting big from spinning try to throw some tracy anderson in the mix – it will help from bulking up

  17. Thanks Jaime – I’ve been considering it. I have the 30 day shred but haven’t tried out anyone else’s vids yet. will get on that! Oh and THANKS. 🙂

  18. PS you can’t see my back-of-the-thigh cellie in these pics. It’s there.

  19. I am looking for the suit now – I need those boobs

  20. Such feminine knees. Sigh. Mine look like they belong to a fading female wrestler who’s been living in a retirement home for the past 10 years.

  21. haaaaaaaaaaaaha. Cuckoo Anderson’s vids are totally good for fighting the bulk. And you see the effects pretty quickly, too.

  22. I have the spider veins of a 60 year old manual laborer -so my bony scarred up knees are the least of my worries- your knees are just right frannon – and i can’t see any telltale dark spider vein blotches on that pic

  23. It’s one of their halter boob enhancers. I can’t remember what it’s called but can look it up! Y’all are great. Love the tags, too 😛

  24. Jaime:

    I actually took out the little push-up pads on top because it was a bit too porn star, but the halter has pretty good support regardless.

  25. Annondog – I have been 1000% lezbo for you for about 5 years. This is just more proof that I have good taste.

  26. HAHAHAHHAH. I ❤ Tracy. Can we have a five-way between us, Margo, Kiki and Megan fox?

  27. oh, and I have the lady boner.

  28. and yes to the 5 way. am obsessed with Kiki and Margo as much as I am with Megan – nay, even more. They are too awesome. and from now on, I shall be referred to as ‘Traydog’.

  29. You are hearby anointed Traydog.

  30. Traydog maybe we need to start our own blog to document our obsession with Kiki and Margo. And Megan.

  31. Not a bad idea Annondog. What would we call it?

  32. Excellent! Please make us look thin.

  33. Who is Megan? Did I miss out on the explanation?

  34. Traydog: How about

    Margo: Easy.

    Kiki: Ms. Fox. Please check ladyboner inducing post from a few days ago.

  35. Don’t mind Kiki. She’s doing the ridiculous lemonade detox and it’s killing all her brain cells.

  36. OOOOOOOOH. God. Why am I so tired?


  38. Thanks for the bikini link annondog – I was about to buy one of those yesterday but it wouldnt arrive until Thursday the 3rd which is the same day I leave for my very own bikini challenge event. So I am going to find something locally and leave the pads in because I am all for the porn star look.

  39. I actually tried it on at the store first, but they didn’t have my size in bottoms so I ordered online. I’d check a local VS, they might have it.


    Love it.

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