Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

Dear Kat Eden

by margo fontaine

What do you think of the Master Cleanse?  Or, more specifically, what do you think of our Kiki’s plan to do the Master Cleanse?  I’m guessing that you’re not a huge fan of something that asks for no protein consumption for 10 days—among other things—but I’m wondering if you have any other thoughts about the value of the detox, etc.

The whole thing makes me kind of nervous, but I’m guessing about 40% of that is my being a wimp.  Kiki’s done it before and has some really good points to make about what it does for her mind and perspective about eating and food choices.  But if you’ve got a minute, I would love to hear an opinion from someone who has done extensive research on nutrition and fitness.

Are there any alternatives you might recommend?  Any scoldings you’d like me to relay to Kiki?



17 Responses to “Dear Kat Eden”

  1. And let’s not pretend that cavemen didn’t have to go 10 days of missing meals on occasion, mmmkay?

  2. Did I already send you the New York Times article about this new eat-like-a-caveman trend?

  3. No! Send it!

  4. Omg. So amazing. Will go find it.

  5. Whoa. SO interesting. I especially love that cavemen do not eat nightshades. No tomatoes! Woot!

  6. I have a book from Europe called “What Should I Feed My Baby?” and it says not to feed babies anything from the nightshade group.

    No nightshades also means no mashed potatoes.

  7. Dammit.

    (It also means no chili pepper or goji berries, which are superfoods, HELLO, cavemen.)

  8. And I have a total girl crush on gorgeous F-Annondog.

  9. It’s love.

  10. Ok what’s the master cleanse ? From someone who has had lap band surgery and gone 6 weeks with out solid food and has to go 14 days with out solids every time i get a fill I can tell you having to WILLINGLY do this is nuts ! BUT i’ll reserve judgment until i see what it is !
    Where do i get info ?

  11. Ok just read about the Master Cleanse I think its a crock of shit ! The only thing that will happen after you do it is will gain the weight back if you lost any . Your body goes into starvation mode ! So you will gain back the weight you lose and probably quickly . As for a ” Cleanse” if that’s what you want it to do I guess it will work for that.

  12. YES. I agree with Mindy.

    Kiki, I totally get what you say about wrestling your brain for power over your food choices and all of that. And I think that is tooooootally admirable. Also, I know you have done this before and you are the boss of you, so please don’t yell at me. I just think there has to be a healthier way for losing weight, and even probably a healthier way for detoxing.

    And I don’t want you to be cranky and crazy from starvation on your BIRTHDAY and our skinny bitch day.

  13. I don’t know how long I’m even going to do it. I’m just taking it day by day and I swear to God, I do not feel like I haven’t eaten since that delicious walnut shrimp on Saturday night. I feel no different from normal. Everyone can stop worrying now. If I felt like I was going to pass out for the love of Christ I would eat something.

    IT’S NOT ABOUT THE WEIGHT LOSS. I know I’m reporting on the weight loss, but I know from experience that 3/4 of the weight comes back within a day or two, and then you go right back to your normal diet, which you are DELIGHTED to be on since at least you get to eat SOMETHING.

    And I’m not yelling at you. Or you, Mindy.

  14. I will agree with you and people think im nuts when i say this .. the first few days you are not really hungry . I think your body “feeds” On the “fat” or what ever is in your body . After my lap band surgery I honestly did not get ” Hungry hungry ” until week 3 . NOW Bitchy i’ll rip your head off and shit down your neck bitch ! That came after about day 4 !
    Doing it for a detox … honestly not sure how i feel about that one way or another . I guess it cant hurt. how long are you going to do it for ?
    I think to do it for a week is probably a good thing to do every now and then . Maybe a healthier way to detox , yes . I did not think you were yelling at me 🙂

  15. Hey guys … sorry it’s taken me a bit to chime in, I’m actually on holiday at the moment so have been a bit awol 🙂
    Anyway …. my thoughts …

    I’m totally pro-fasting or going without food for periods of time. Obviously cavemen couldn’t eat whenever they wanted. But here’s the kicker – when not eating they definitely were not consuming liquid sugar all day long! Thus spiking insulin and causing the body to store fat rather than use fat for fuel. IT’s physiolgically impossible to burn fat on this diet IMO. What will happen is probably water weight loss AND muscle loss – your body needs aminos and if you aren’t going to give it PLUS you’re eating sugar then muscle will be sacrificed. So the overall outcome is a slower metabolism and higher body comp.

    I do think that this or any detox could result in increased energy afterwards, but there’s definitely better ways to go about it!

    That’s my two cents worth, but at the end of the day if you feel like it’s working for you then that’s the main thing … we’re all different 🙂

  16. Thanks, Kat! Always so great to hear from you. Enjoy your holiday!

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