Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

Well lookey lookey

Miss Faith has chimed in with a tight little booty that was warming up to run 13 miles.

You can't see it but she's pinching a quarter with those cheeks.


16 Responses to “Well lookey lookey”

  1. YAY FOR FAITH!!! Faith has dainty feminine knees, too. I can tell. And I would have to do my best Beyoncé stance with arms two feet from my body to have them look that small and lovely.

    Our readers are the freaking best.

    PS: 13 miles is far!!

  2. JESUS!!!!! SO HOT!!!!!

    I kind of want to spank her.

    Hey Traydog, are you taking bikini photos on your tropical vacay this week?

    • There will be bathing suit photos from Mexico vacay. Not sure if they will be Skinny Thighs-worthy, but one can hope and dream.

  3. Ok look you assholes ! I never looked that good BEFORE i had kids and AFTER i lost 125 pounds !

  4. I’m with you, Mindy. These readers are kicking my ass.

  5. I have a picture of my ass in jeans from behind after my weight loss but that was just because i was happy my ass got back in designer jeans !
    NO WAY would you see a picture in a swimsuit ! Yoga pants would be the closest and that’s pushing it ! Glad im not the only one !

  6. Mindy. YOU LOST 125 POUNDS. you just kicked all our asses.

  7. Well depends on who you ask . Some say I “cheated” because I had a lap band. But they can kiss my ass ! I still had to change the way I eat and think ! I have gained back some weight because my band is totally “Unfilled’ Which is like having no band and has been that way since before Christmas . So i need to get my ass out and lose some weigh or get my band filled !

  8. Whatevs. Some people gain it all back after having gastric bypass. You lost it= you rule.

  9. Exactly why my big ass did not have bypass ! I may need to loose 10 or 15 pounds right now but I can go in and have them stick a needle in my side shoot me w/ some saline and in a few weeks have it off !
    So thank you !!! I needed that today !

  10. lookin’ good Faith!

    I still don’t have the balls to take/send pics in

    Nice butt, legs, arms, and knees. It looks like you’ve been blessed in the boob department as well.
    I think I would die if i had to run 5 miles – congratulations on your 13 mile race – you rock!

  11. Wow! What a great way to start the day!! Thanks you guys!!!

  12. Mindy we’re going to need you to send that butt-in-jeans picture on over.

  13. Ok but i would like to add this disclaimer ! its not near as nice as ya’lls ass. See ladies what happens after you have a nice ass and then gain 100 plus pounds pounds then lose that weight is your ass goes FLAT !!! please keep in mind said flatness as well as the trama my ass has been through ( wow that did not sound that well )

  14. Blunt trauma? Hee hee.

  15. Blunt butt trauma !

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