Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

And this is the part

where I actually wake up looking skinnier.  154.8 pounds and 23.9% fat.

And since I’m keeping records I broke out the tape measure.  27 1/2″ waist and 41 1/2″ butt/hip/thigh.  0.66 ratio.  Yikes.



7 Responses to “And this is the part”

  1. I am doing the master cleanse thing too – first time i have ever fasted in my life. I must admit it is an interesting thing: for one i am not as hungry/starving as i thought I would be. and the other i do love that i have discovered that i am the master over food.

    and i’m not going to lie: i do love that the scale finally reflected something other than gaining weight!!

  2. You are a fucking goddess.

  3. Thanks for doing it with me, Faith! What day did you start?

  4. Yesterday was Day 1.

  5. Tomorrow you should wake up and feel skinnier. You’re not having any headaches? I slept like baby last night (except for getting up to pee one time)– 9 1/2 hours!

  6. well… I had a slight headache last night but I also got my period so I can’t tell which brought that on. It didn’t last – so . . . so far so good.
    This morning I did feel slightly skinnier – I didn’t have to do the sumo wrestler dance to get into these fine looking brown pants I’m wearin. (hahahah)

  7. Enjoy it while it lasts and know it’s only temporary, but still inspiring.

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