Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

Buck up and try these

Today my class was circuit training and it was hard as shit, but it was awesome.  One of the circuits was push-ups with a twist.

Get a sturdy pressurized ball—like a basketball, but if you have a smaller one that’s as sturdy, it would be better (ours were weighted, and that helped, too).  In push up position (not on your knees, wimps!), put the ball under one of your hands and put the other hand directly on the floor.  Do a push-up.  Roll the ball to the other hand, switching the set up.  Do another push-up.  Repeat.

Do this 8 to 10 times.  Now.  Ready, go.  (Annondog, you do 16+.)



7 Responses to “Buck up and try these”

  1. Hahahahha. Whatever. I actually have done these before but am relatively sure I can’t do that many.

  2. DO IT!

  3. I don’t have a ball at home. I will do it in the morning, I promise (right before I do my hundred push ups exercise..uh huh)

  4. I DID THEM! 4 sets. But I was totally failing at my form, I think. Did you go all the way down, so your nose was touching the floor? Couldn’t hang with the super-duper kind.

  5. I’d say I probably went to where my head was even with the ball—so, my nose would have hit the floor if I wasn’t using the ball. Does that make sense? And I got to do them for 30 seconds at a time as part of a circuit round, which I’m sure made it easier in a way.

    You’re badass!

  6. So not badass. They were SO. HARD. And I actually did 15 the first time just because you made me. I got to 10 and was all “I want to stop, but then Margo will give me shit cause she said I had to do 16+”. Look, you’re kicking my ass!

  7. You’re welcome.

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