Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

Miss Mindy

Miss Mindy has agreed to let us see the results of her successful lap-band surgery.  My ass doesn’t even look this good right now.



10 Responses to “Miss Mindy”


  2. Hot!!!!!!!!!! Damn.

  3. Spank!

  4. Mindy – I think you look GREAT!!!!
    The way you had played it – I was expecting somthing totally different!

  5. Me too, from all you skinny bitches! You’re all secretly hot and making it out to sound like you’re all morbidly obese. Hottest blog readers ever.

  6. HA you should have seen the BEFORE! Thanks ya’ll . Clothes hide A LOT! I will say this on my behalf I DONT and never have done spanx!

  7. I love Spanx.

  8. They always rolled down under my rolls and made my rolls look worse! So i just camo well w/ the right clothes!

  9. Mindy you do look great! Who cares what the before looked like- cause that’s long gone. Your waist is tiny and your ass looks super fine – Own It.

  10. I love spanx too – i try to hide them from my husband because it freaks him out. They REALLY help with my lovely saddle bags. I dont wear them daily or anything, only for special occasions. Mindy, try the ones that go up to your bra strap – no rolling.

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