Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

New challenge, ladies!

One hundred push-ups.  Let’s go.


33 Responses to “New challenge, ladies!”

  1. we should do the 200 sit-ups while we are at it.

  2. YES. Let’s do both. Real sit-ups, not cruches. I can do 100 crunches so I know that ain’t no big deal.

    I just did my push-up test and I could only do THIRTEEN good ones and that’s only because Margo has been making me practice! I couldn’t even do ONE last week.

    Everyone get on the floor and do your test and report back.

  3. I am sitting in my cubicle in a dress. I shall not do the test right at this moment. I will report back later, though. Fun!

    13 is kick ass!

  4. The instructions on the sit up page say not to go more than 35 degrees. So it’s a high crunch.

    I did 170. Maybe I did it wrong. I’m going to go pass out now.

  5. Actually, this is what I need:

    So I will do the push-ups and the squats three days a week and post about it here. When I post, everyone update the rest of us on how you’re doing, and it will also serve to remind Annondog to go do it since she’ll forget.

  6. Thanks. Considering going into an empty office to do the push ups. In my dress.

  7. 27 push-ups.

  8. That was effective. 32.

  9. Woah! Very impressive ladies.

  10. Yikes!! I have no upper body strength!!! I only could do 11 push ups!

  11. Well this is stupid. I stopped at 200 squats. I didn’t know I could do that many. So I’ll just be reporting in my push-ups– not that I won’t be doing the other assignments that Margo sends me.

  12. Jesus Kiki.

  13. Have no fear, Faith. You’ll gain strength with just a few days’ practice– after you can raise your arms again on Friday, maybe Saturday. My rib cage ached something awful.

  14. Annondog, it’s not fair to do a test with no weight when I’m used to squatting weight. The most I can squat (and just a single squat) is 220. I bet you’ll be surprised at how many you kick out. It’s not like it was super easy. At 165 I was saying, “OK, let’s make it to 175.” Then at 175, to 185. And then hell, I’m nearly to 200. But I probably could have gone for 40 or 50 more if I needed to.

  15. How much weight do you usually squat??

  16. Not a lot. 30 lbs. But I do circuits with lunges with no rest. Usually 25 squats, 20 lunges, repeat two more times.

  17. Hot damn.

  18. Also I should say that I come from a very strong mother. She is ridiculously strong and didn’t even gain weight after 4 kids until she hit menopause. I have a lot of muscle mass without doing much to earn it, though I was pretty athletic through high school so my muscles pull on that memory.

  19. Um. I would like to share the ridiculously hot bathing suit Traydog will be wearing on vacay this week…

  20. I too have good muscle memory , especially in my legs. In fact I have to watch my legs that they do not look like man legs ! They can get big and big quickly . But I would have to be working out in order to do this . LOL

  21. will be wearing as a one piece without the bikini top. as I am sporting a 38D, the top will look good, and the bottom part will definitely hide the tum. 🙂

  22. 13 push ups over here

    Traydog -I think jenny mccarthy wore that suit a couple of years ago for a “spontaneous” romantic walk on the beach with jim carey. It will definantley look hot with your boobage. If i had any i would put them on display as much as possible.
    Ugh- I hope I have time to swimsuit shop this week – If I wait till the last minute I never seem to find anything.

  23. she did wear one similar – and then he put it on for the return beach walk. UGH. I already know I will look better than Jim C in the suit. . .

  24. 60 on the sit ups. But I started alternating them to the sides so that I would be evened out (and not all just the top center abs, which is where I mostly crunch). So that was probably cheating, but whatever.

    And 100 on the squats. But I stopped because I got bored.

    Kiki, you seriously went up to 35 degrees with a straight back and not-rounded shoulders and your chin to the ceiling ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY TIMES WITHOUT STOPPING?? I have pretty strong abs, but that is insane to me. Way more than the 200 squats. Kudos.

  25. I was probably doing them wrong. It’s hard to tell without a mirror. I’m sure you’re so much stronger than me blah blah blah.

  26. Dude, no way. I was not calling you a cheater! I believe that total stranger baby nurse who said you have the most beautiful stomach in the world. I have no doubt you could totally kick my ass any day.

    Unless we have to do a bunch of push-ups first.

  27. She said that to you AFTER junior dogwood was already in town? Are you human?

  28. He was still in my belly and I was on the operating table. It’s a different kind of beautiful. She said it because I didn’t have any stretch marks or anything weird going on, and I was probably pretty tan. 40 extra pounds did not stop me from prancing around by the pool all summer.

  29. Seriously? Who made this ridiculous program? I was ready to collapse in the middle if set 4. Then I did my spin class. Then I did set 5. An hour between sets is okay, right?

  30. It’s far better than anything I’m doing over here. I say good job, FD!

  31. I haven’t done jack shit since the 13 pushups over here. Hopefully i’ll have some energy to start exercising tomorrow. W’ell see…
    Good job FD 1 hour between sets is fine especially if your doing a goddamn spin class during that hour

  32. Hahah thanks for the encouragement.. I think I’m going to have to stick to “day 1” until I get those sets all in a row.

  33. Dudes, seriously. I haven’t even READ the challenge yet. I just got as far as the test, and that was it. I have no idea what I’m supposed to be doing.

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