Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

This blog is funny

by margo fontaine

Check it out.


5 Responses to “This blog is funny”

  1. No, THIS blog is funny.

    Do you like how I’m your peanut gallery?

  2. Yes. I love how you’re our peanut gallery.

  3. Where the hell is Kiki?

  4. She doesn’t have internet right now, and I guess the commenting doesn’t work from her phone like she thought it would before.

  5. That blog is hilarious!! . Yesterday was the first day of summer break for my 5 year old and i was sick as hell so i pretty much slept all day while the kids terrorized the house. I wanted to read more of it but could barely focus my eyes. I know i won’t love it as much as this blog though.

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