Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

New squats

by margo fontaine

Strong Man Squats.  Here we go.

Get in standard squat position, with feet slightly wider than shoulder width.  These squats are all about slower speed and control.  Focus on your glutes and squeeze them on your way up in the squat.

You’re going to lower down on a 5 count—not getting to your full squat before 5!—then back up on 1 count.  Do this 8 times and on the last one STAY DOWN and hold the squat for 5 counts, then up.

Then do another set (without rest) going down on a 6 count, holding the last one for 6 counts in the squat, then up.

Finally, do another set (still no rest) going down on an 8 count, holding the last one for 10 counts in the squat, then up.

You can change the number in the sets if you need to, or add weights, or repeat the whole thing multiple times if you’re so awesome that you’ve already mastered the twohundredsquats challenge.

Get it?  GO.


10 Responses to “New squats”

  1. Nobody likes my squats?

  2. I haven’t tried them yet. I was just trying not to stalk you.

  3. Stalk away. I’m dying up here as a solo act.

  4. No no. Not dying. You’re all good.

  5. They look like great squats margo.
    Can’t say for sure if they are great to do though, as I have not done any squats, old or new, since i was sick a few days ago.
    I’m getting back on the exercise train tomorrow.
    I have started the final preparation for bikini challenge by putting on self tanner. I also made a waxing appointment. Still no bikini tho. Well, I have lame bikinis, but I want to get something fabulous.

    Are there going to be any exciting challenges or events after bikini challenge has passed? You have all really kept me motivated so I hope something fun is on the horizon

  6. Sorry you’ve had the sickies, Jaimaroo. What do you recommend for the self-tanner. The kind I’ve got stinks so I quit using it.

    Last I heard, our plan was to keep going. So, hopefully, Kiki will soon again join us on the interwebs, and we’ll come up with something.

  7. What’s up bitchies? I’m typing away on the hubs’ phone. Won’t have internet till after the holiday and junior destroyed my blackberry today. With drool. I am fat, pale, and plan on being drunk come june 5. Maybe I can distract with my pretty hair.

  8. KIKI!!! yay.

  9. Margs, the self tanner I’m trying right now is the jergens natural glow (firming formula- i’ll take all the help I can get right now). It smells a little, but it seems to work pretty well without being orangey.

  10. That’s what I use. The color is okay, and it works pretty fast. But it smells terrible.

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