Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

O I N K .

by margo fontaine

Mild Mannered Photographer on flickr


12 Responses to “O I N K .”

  1. Yes. that sums my weekend up very nicely – I was a piggy this weekend.

    But it really wasn’t my fault. We had company for the long weekend and I had to impress them with my culinary talents as well as toast them with many drinks many times.

    It was their fault!!

  2. Me too. Up like 2.5 lbs since Friday. Damn you, Memorial Day, and your carbs-wine-Indian food-mashed potato-infested goodness!

  3. I have gained 4 lbs. No fucking joke. I got a fancy new phone today. One of those google numbers. No internet for me this whole week.

    I am going to be one drunk piggy on Saturday.

  4. I think I’m up about 4 lbs, too. I’m thinking of just getting drunk now and staying drunk until Sunday morning.

  5. Drunk Kiki and Margo sounds fun.

  6. Drunk Kiki and Margo IS fun. Come to our challenge and find out.

  7. On my way. Will you have self-tanner waiting for me?

  8. No, but we’ll give you enough champagne-in-a-can to a) make you see everything as the perfect color, and b) make you not care.

  9. That sounds curious. Can we put strawberries in it?

  10. Anything you want, Annonnynondog.

  11. Smooches.

  12. I’ll be there in spirit. I will absolutely have a can of sophia on saturday to celebrate. We are staying at a resort thursday thru sunday. I will be drunk most of the time and not thinking about my ass and thighs and their cellulite.

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