Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

New Inspiration

by margo fontaine

Okay, people.  I know that it’s been a bit sparse around here lately, what with Kiki moving to the only place on earth that doesn’t have immediate access to the interwebs, and me giving in to the evil mind games of my place of employment, compounded by those played by my nemesis Cellulite.  I’m sorry if we have lately left you feeling uninspired or ignored.

(PS: Fuck you, Cellulite!!)

Last night, Kiki and I were talking about the Kirstie Alley Wears A Bikini on Oprah extravaganza, and I have decided that we’re going to show up to Bikini Challenge 2010 looking like this:

my new hero

I have also been looking into her (super hilarious) show, and you know what?  I want to be Kirstie Alley.  She is fucking awesome.  She’s kind of out of her mind, and I offer a prayer of thanksgiving every day that I am not working as her assistant, but you know what?  It suits her.  She has lemurs.  And she is fierce.  (LEMURS, PEOPLE.)

Kiki, are you okay with this plan?  I call the blue silk nightie.


4 Responses to “New Inspiration”

  1. Find the shot of her wearing pantyhose in a bikini. They were tan and shiney.

    At&t offered to dig up my neighbor’s driveway on Friday (this coming, not last) to get us dsl, but we canceled and should be getting cable on Sunday. Sorry charlies. And I weigh 158 lbs! Was it the pizza? The wine? Mysterious weight gain strikes again.

  2. Back from vaca, and I had to post one of the best quotes I’ve seen in a long time.

    “Whoever invented calories is gonna get their face f***ed with ice cream cake”. From my second new favorite website ( Of course, my first new favorite website is the magic of Kiki and Margo. I missed you guys while I was in Mexico!

  3. And we missed you! And are also in total LURVE with that hilarious website.

  4. I LOVE Kirstie Alley’s show ! She is ME ! She is every other woman in America and does not bullshit about it. She says she hates to work out and bitches the whole time she does . I just love her. She’s not some skinny bitch that says ” I dont work out he he ” What ever bitch you know you dont eat and work your ass off ” I Love Kirstie !

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