Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

Wednesday weigh in

by margo for kiks

d-anny at fickr

158.2 lbs
24.8% body fat

Kiki says she’s going to look like this on Saturday for Bikini Challenge:

Kirstie Alley

But, you know what Kiki?  You may not wear panty hose.  That’s cheating.


3 Responses to “Wednesday weigh in”

  1. Ha!!

    That photo is awesome.

    I like how she’s holding up that cape thing like we can’t see her ass. Hey, Kirstie: your ass is
    behind that cape. And it’s still big.

  2. haaaaaaaa.

    have you watched her show? it’s kind of excellent. so, far I’ve heard quotes like:

    “oh, I am SO down with the booty call. I just don’t want to be a fat booty call.”

    and: “I look 30 months pregnant!!”

  3. 156.8 and 24.3% today. I was probably dehydrated from the liquor and salt. I’m feeling better about this weight; it’s pre-baby plus 5 pounds hugging my lumpy thighs.

    I could log in on my new phone but it won’t let me enter text on a new post. Boo.

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