Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

A letter to Margo.

by kiki dogwood

Thank you for your email today.  I’m sorry that I didn’t get back to you sooner but wanted let you know how much your support is appreciated.  I was feeling like a big fat cow and you sent me the picture from 11 pounds ago where I really was a big fat cow and I got my perspective in order.  And I got to thinking:

I am so proud of us.  You and me and all the ladies who comment and even those who only lurk.  We are not accepting the bodies that nature is trying to saddle us with.  We are fighting every step of the way.  Except that the queso and pomegranate margarita I had for lunch was not fighting it, but I will go back to fighting it tomorrow.  We try to do better every single day and without that, we would all be fat cows.  Putting on those bikinis and showing up in public and especially letting ourselves be photographed made us into a couple of brave motherfuckers, Marg.  You are so brave.  You never would have done this if you weren’t kicking your own ass right now.  I don’t have a lot of sense sometimes so I probably would have done it anyway, but I would have been in real cow form, not my current perceived cow form.

And because of you, I am not going to stop.  145 better listen up.

Kiki on the left, Margo next, hiding.


13 Responses to “A letter to Margo.”

  1. YAY FOR POSTING THIS!!! I am very proud of you.

    I was secretly hoping we could post it, and I’m sorry that we’re all shorties so that you couldn’t crop this to show your super sexy shoulders.

    (I’m also sorry for hiding behind that fantastically placed akimbo arm belonging to the brown bikini, but it was a total accident and you can blame Sofia Coppola and her delicious champers in a can.)

    For the record, peeps, every bikini body in that photo has given birth at least once except for yours truly (Margs), and the gorgeous skinny minnie on the right.

    You’re awesome Kiks. I’ve kind of given up over the last couple of weeks, but I never ever would have done this without you and I know that I’m not allowed to stop now because we are going to cream the crap out of our bitches 145 and 120.

    I don’t know about tomorrow, but next week for SURE. It’s ON, motherfuckers!

    Tell Kiki how frigging FIERCE and awesome she is and how she has the best bikini and the best stomach of the bunch. You so have this, Kiki. 145 is about to bow down to you in humility.

  2. Yay! I hope you had a fun day and a happy birthday! You both are smokin hot and have really kept me motivated. I am in for the REAL bikini challenge for sure. Kiki, your body is rockin now and at 145 you are going to be unstoppable. DO wait to get there until you are inseminated again because it just makes the whole pregnancy/birth easier if you are in healthy mode. Margs you are super cute too, I can tell even though you are somewhat hidden. I’m glad you posted this and I’m glad you got out there and strutted your stuff. I love the necklaces with the bikinis too! I love both of you and i am so happy you did this and are going to continue to kick my ass in to shape.

  3. Jesus. Y’all look amazing. I like the accessories, too, on you two skinny bitches.

    I’m also in love with this letter and am so proud of you guys for doing this. It’s no easy feat and giving up and accepting what we’ve got is the easy choice, so I admire you for taking this on and for all the pounds you’ve kicked to the curb since January.

  4. Kiki & Margo – you guys rock! you are brave and you are inspirational – Hahaha! You guys look great! and you are brave! and you’re funny! and I love that you too have allowed us to peak into your friendship & lives!

    I fell off the bus: my mom bought me a bag of Pepperidge Farms milano cookies (yeah I ate the bag) and a starbucks mocha latte cause she said I looked tired and needed a caffiene boost. I did need the boost!! ahahaha!

    Margo – I’m with you: not tomorrow, but next week for SURE. It’s ON, motherfuckers!

    oh and if I may share some good news – I am getting a puppy on Friday and I am freaking excited!!

  5. I love it when we make our delightfully sweet readers swear like sailors.

    Yay for puppies!!

  6. Faith, what kind of puppy?

  7. We are getting a vizsla!! She is a tiny little thing that weighs 3.2 pounds and we are going to name her Amber.

    Here are pictures of vizsla puppies:

    I cannot wait until Friday!!

  8. I’ve seen that kind of dog before! They look like red Weimers to me. That’s super exciting! Sometimes I think I want to get a dog. If a female standard poodle needs rescuing I would take her in and name her Willow.

  9. a poodle? would you shave her fur in silly ways??

    I had a yellow lab for 14 years and she died in August. I miss her terribly and had decided that I couldn’t go dogless any longer. My BF has never (not ever) had his own dog!!! so he got to pick the breed and all. We are excited. Its a fun time at Faith’s house!!

    P.S. I want you to do me a favor – pretty please – when you get a free minute – would you start a discussion on Christina Hendricks? I cannot make my mind up if I think she is delicious or not and I would love to hear others’ opinions. Thanks!!

  10. I say: it’s hard to pull off tits that big. She rocks them.

  11. I don’t really know how I should shave my poodle. Ahem.

    My dog that just died was a yellow lab. I miss her terribly too but I do not miss vacuuming fur up from my floor every single day. I can’t stand mini poodles but there is something very silly and fun about a big standard poodle.

  12. A Vizsla is my dream dog, I have wanted one forever. So happy for you!!

  13. hey Kiki – saw this and I thought of you and your poodle!

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