Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

I wish

by kiki dogwood

I wish this was my goal.  I’d already be there.  I’d be beyond it and need to put some weight on.  I love this gorgeous woman but she does not strut around in a bikini.  Fine.  She does.  But, Margs, remember when we were joking about doing our catwalks with our arms in the air?  It is obviously the secret to looking sleek when you are not.

The "stretch the muffin" pose.

Her face is a 12 on a scale of 10 and her tits are the perfect size.  This helps the cause.


8 Responses to “I wish”

  1. Yes, beautiful face and tits, but I wonder what her cellulite situation is without photoshop. If she looks this good poolside, in direct sunlight, then she truly is amazing.

  2. I love this post.

    Yes, I remember about the arms-in-the-air catwalk. What I really want to do is a legs-in-the-air catwalk. My legs look smooth and muscular and awesome when I’m upside down.

    Whit’s ANTM season is on all day today, so I am checking in to look for cellulite clues. I have a feeling she is smoother than i am. But have you guys seen this?

  3. I’m not surprised by that KK photo. I remember there was one of her coming out of a pool a few years ago that was fucking bonkers. In one pose she looks like the sexiest woman ever but in a more candid shot she looks like a big, fat, ghetto rat in a bikini.

    Edit: here’s the shot from that day where she looks incredible

    but the one that was taken directly from behind where she is one wet mess has disappeared from the internet.

  4. As crazy thick as her thighs are (and no, I am not one to talk) she looks fab here:

    I would not be at all surprised to find out that she only allows the paparazzi to photograph her if they photoshop the lumps off her thighs, though. She did a public response to that before and after shot above, verifying that it is real. And yet she looks better in all the pap shots than she does at a professional photo shoot?

  5. Ok, so ANTM is one of the few reality contest type shows I don’t watch. I didn’t even know who she was. Based on the photos above I truly thought she was close to 40! But after you mentioned who she was I looked her up and saw that shes like 22 or something. So she probablly dosen’t have cellulite shes still got that strong youthful collagen. Well, strut it while you can girl, I will pray to Salma for you that your skin stays strong and tight.

  6. Jeeasus KK! She does look fab in those pics. Looks like soft sunset lighting that helps to disguise all sorts of lumps and bumps. I wouldnt be suprised tho, if those are retouched “paparazzi” shots she scheduled right after some kind of body wrap treatment. Probably paid for by those diet pills she promotes.

  7. Dudes, come on. I can even SEE the photoshopping done on these pics:


  8. Ok how fucked up is this …
    That’s right… Celebrity Cellulite . com !!!!
    And im sorry EVA Longoria !!! NOT Cellulite .. Those are called dimples .

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