Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

What pisses me off

by kiki dogwood

You want to know what pisses me off?  Kate Dillon telling the reporter writing a story about her pregnancy that she is a size 10 pisses me off.  Kate, my ass, at its finest, is a size 10.  Right now it is a 12.  You could not even wear my pregnancy jeans.  Margo, a few weeks ago, might have been slipping on some comfy 10s.  You are a cow.  No offense because you are rich and beautiful cow, but you are not a goddamned motherfucking size 10 and you saying that you are is personally offensive to me.  And it also does not make it true.

An 18. Maybe a 16 at best.


10 Responses to “What pisses me off”

  1. At 250 and 5’3 I was a 22 . So Im guessing she’s a size 16 yeah !
    A 10 MY ASS ! Like OPRAH says she’s a 12 . BULL FUCKING SHIT !!!
    Im a size 12 now and im 20 something pounds from where I should be !
    No way ! This is part of the problem w/ women and their weights. DONT FUCKING Lie. This girl is a pretty girl . she’s a little over weight , ok but ya knwo what she’s per portioned right. FINE. Say your freaking size ! who cares. But your ass is not a size 10 !

  2. I have a close friend whose little sister is getting to be pretty well-known in Hollywood. Her age on IMDB and every ‘official’ source is around 4-5 years younger than reality. Just part of the business with weight too, I guess. Seriously not helping anything by warping the truth.

  3. i got just as pissed off as you are Mindy when jennifer love hewitt was telling everyone that she was a size 2 when she looked like this:

    No fucking way!!

  4. Faith, I remember when all of that went down, and without doing any research into the exact quote, I remember her as saying that women were called fat even when they were a size 2. But she was careful not to say that she was actually a size 2. Does anyone else remember this?

  5. I don’t remember it.

    But Kate Dillon needs to give me a plus-sized break. I’m sorry I didn’t see this yesterday, except that it’s a good thing I didn’t or I would have been in a bad mood all day. It’s one thing to flub the numbers on your age if you look like you can get away with it. But lying about weight is stupefying to me. WE HAVE EYES. God.

    (I was not a size 10 a few weeks ago, btw.)

  6. oh Kiki – you are right!! I did as much research as i could and she never stated her size as a size 2.

    Very very clever jennifer!

  7. I said “might.” God. Maybe your sweats or something.

  8. Wasnt Kirsti Alley saying she was like a size 8 or 10 when she went on Oprah in her bikini ! My ASS , if that’s the case the camera adds 50 freaking pounds ! That’s what is wrong w/ society and why people like my sister in law are literally dying of eating disorders. because these dumb bitches say ” Im a size 2 ( when they are really size 10’s ) and we who are REALLY size 10’s are like ” What the fuck ” somerthing is not right. So we freaking kill our selves to get to their size 2’s ! its bullshit !
    just admit your ass is as big as everyone elses , or as small as everyone elses and your a damn normal size 10 bitch !

  9. Mindy: that was amazing.

  10. I really am on a roll today . I have no idea what crawled up my ass !
    probably NOT a donut !

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