Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

Do Over

by margo fontaine

Okay, so it’s not really a do over.  But I am starting again.  Again.

Here are the starting stats (which are far better than they deserve to be):

131 lbs.
24.2% body fat

(which I think is a lie, since I’ve been on the upper end of 24% for 2 weeks)

I am going to lose 6 more pounds.  And if I manage to do that in a healthy way (ie: do not feel like my stomach is going to eat itself), then I will lose 5 more.

I will have legs like this:

jessica biel

PS: 120 is my bitch.


15 Responses to “Do Over”

  1. Just in case you’ve forgotten, the legs I’m going to have also look like this:

  2. I’m not getting on a scale until Wednesday.

    Remember when you would do anything to see 131 again and now when you see 131 you’re like, “Aw, fuck.”

  3. Okay ladies. Here goes:

    STOP YOUR WHINING. This s*it should be second nature to you by now: work out. Eat well, but don’t starve yourself or deprive to the point of serious backlash (your body is smarter than you think it is). This whole thing is like brushing your teeth: can you imagine if you said “we need an ass-kicking so we remember to brush our teeth”? NO. Because you don’t whine about it, you just do it. And if, one night, you are tired and you go to bed and skip it, you wake up feeling gross and say “ew. I need to brush my teeth a bit better today” and then you go on with your life and keep f’ing brushing them. Every day.


    Every. Single. Morning. You can start over.. don’t give up on it just because you have a bad eating day, or skip a workout (you’re not training to a body building for god’s sake). Just wake up and re-start and skip all the beating-yourself-up bullshit because like your teeth, your fat doesn’t care how you feel about it. Just treat it right and you’ll feel better and look better and won’t have whatever the fat-equivalent of bad breath is.

    That being said. Whole point of my little analogy is that you are trying to make a *lifestyle* change here, not crash diet. So go for balance and health, stop giving yourselves such a hard time, and f’ing buck up and do it.

    The end.

  4. What, nobody likes my ass-kicking?


    Also, remember this?

    You’re the best, Annondog.

  6. NO AND I TOTALLY LOVE IT. Jeez where was I that day? BEST. POST. EVER.

  7. And no, you are the best. And SO INSANELY HOT, I might add.

  8. (both of you)

  9. I love the ass kickin too annondog. I need it. It’s been a good day today – but there have been no temptations.

    Margo please let me know when your legs look like that so I can fly to where you are and bite them. They are so juicy and delicious I can barely stand it

  10. OH! Second in line for Margo biting. This is an excellent event.

  11. YES. Deal! I will give away free bites to everyone!!

    (I will be biting my own legs when they look like this. AND THEY WILL.)

  12. Thanks Jaime. And i want a nibble, too.

  13. Ok, im going to speak up …. Here is my take on this !! If you are on a diet you will fail ! Diets fail , they dont work its a proven fact. Why ? Because diets tell you what you can and cant have and we all want what we cant have. If you want to change something about how you eat you have to change it period. There is not way around it. You have to make a life style choice . Sure I had surgery , so what. I still had to change every single thing I ate and HOW I ate in order to do it. BUT I will tell you this. If i want a damn ice cream cone I will eat it and for the most part I dont feel gulity ! If i eat them 2 days in a row I think ” OK Dumb ass what are you doing ” But if I want a cookie every now and then I eat the damn cookie, Do i eat the whole thing NO ! Do I eat a whole piece of cake NO ! But I freaking EAT IT ! And ENJOY IT ! Why ? Because I AM NOT ON A DIET ! NOR will I ever be again .
    Diets dont work life style changes do . I can afford a little different attitude about this because I DO have a lap band, however its all the same. Diets done work plane and simple. So dont do them , change how you do things !

  14. Thanks, Mindy, I totally agree.

    I think that this scolding goes along very nicely with Annondog’s ass kicking.

    I also think, Kiki, that we should find a way to get back in the Badass Mofo Blog business. I miss us that way.

  15. We will. I’ve been so busy because the hubs has been so busy with our business, and I try the work-at-home thing while managing baby and contractors coming in and out to do every single repair my uptight ass is insisting on. I caught a cold that I am just now getting over (total effing misery) and we need to sod the yard, unpack the the clothes in our closet, put up the wall coverings and go pick up our new dog. Then, as you know, we have the girls’ movie/cocktail night and then I swear to God we are back on this kick. Hang in there, ladies.

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