Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

Found it

by kiki dogwood

We can all exhale now that I found it.  I know it’s bad photography but I’m putting it here anyway.  Maybe this is before all of her Velashape cellulite removal (even though the interweb is crawling with complaints over what bs it is) but I find it hard to believe she looks so good in paparazzi photos now.

An unfortunate angle


5 Responses to “Found it”

  1. Wait, is that KK?

  2. WOW.

  3. yes.

  4. Yikes.

    (note to annondog: check the tags, genius)

  5. She really does have a gigantic ass ! But some how she hides it in clothing well. She usually has a cover up on when she has a swim suit. In fact it looks like she was quickly going for the towel in this shot! TOO SLOW . Did any one else notice this look like a cheap walmart swim suit she has on too !

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