Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)


by margo fontaine

Come on, Kiki.  Show me your dream legs.

You’ve seen mine:

jessica "Margo's Legs" biel


12 Responses to “Legs.”

  1. here are my dream legs:

    she looks so hot in this picture – I am definitely gay for jennifer!

  2. those are some good legs.

  3. sigh.

  4. I went to CVS to look for your magical cellulite cream and they didn’t have it. Where did you get it? Cameron’s ass makes me want to cry.

  5. I got it from the grocery store.

  6. Kiki, is it working?

  7. Cameron’s body is ridiculous, there’s no denying it. But I gotta say, I think her ass is a little on the flat side. She’s more stick and less curve.

    Do I want it? Sure I do. Do I want to bite it? Eh.

  8. Damn I keep forgetting to look for it . I have been to CVS once and Walgreens twice since we talked about this. Damn Topamax meds making me out right stupid !

  9. Kiki wouldn’t know. Kiki is too lazy to use it. Kiki is married to a man who does not see cellulite.

  10. LOL I would probably forget to use it myself. And My husband is either a big ass liar or blind as shit. HE Says he does not see fat. REALLY ass wipe ? You dont see the flap of blubber hanging over my stomach to my knee’s ? Lying sack of shit ! I dont know if I should hug him or slap the hell out of him !

  11. Mindy is ferocious tonight. Rowr!

  12. I get like this sometimes. Sorry ladies !

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