Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

Guestblogger: Michael Jordan



7 Responses to “Guestblogger: Michael Jordan”

  1. My Just Do It moment – I signed up for this race:

    How do I train for this motherf**ker??

  2. What the what?! That’s crazy, dude. Good for you.

    How to train? Yikes. Light your yard on fire and run through it? Slog through nearby ponds? Pray? Drink?

  3. I let my boyfriend talk me into signing up. I’ve been lax in the exercising department as of late (still waiting for him to upload my bathing suit pic from Mexico. not pretty.).

  4. Well, for heaven’s sake do some kind of circuit training in an endurance-building way. Do not let the course conquer you! You got this. You have almost 3 months. You can do it.

    And when you’re done, you get free beer. Win.

  5. and a viking warrior helmet. I can’t tell which is better – helmet or beer. . .

  6. hello, beer helmet, obviously:


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