Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

New shoes

by kiki dogwood

What do we think about these?  People are saying they’re the answer to your problems.  I don’t own any.  But I’m thinking about it.


12 Responses to “New shoes”

  1. I saw these a while ago . I will probably get some. With my recent health issues and getting Crohns disease and the arthritis that can go w/ CD my feet hurt a lot. My feet feel better in cheap flat flip flops than anything. I found these as well. When i get the money I will probably get some of these .

  2. A trainer at my gym swears by these. I haven’t tried them.

    However, I starting the St Ives for my cellie today. Will report back in 2 weeks.

  3. Mindy I did not know you had developed Crohns disease. I’m so sorry to hear that. Are you ok?

    Annondog, the St. Ives sits on my bathroom counter and I don’t use it! So stupid! I need to get on the train.

  4. Start using it today and we will compare notes in two weeks.

  5. Or rather we’ll compare butts in two weeks.

  6. I was just looking at these yesterday and wondering about them. Are they really supposed to solve all your problems? I have a lot of problems.

  7. Let me preface my opinion with these two facts: 1) i am a runner and run at least 15 miles a week (total) and 2) I have borrowed a pair to try once but do not own a paif.

    These shoes follow the new trend in running: barefoot running. obviously it is practically impossible to can run safely on the streets/trails without shoes. Who wants to get cut feet? These shoes eliminate that issue but they do not prevent roughness (sticks, rocks, holes, etc.) that effect ankles, shins and knees.
    I did not like the way it felt on my toes either.

    I am not a fan

  8. I want to try them because they can help the arthritis. People are not sure why but the harder surfaces can do that. But who wants to walk around bare foot all the time. ( These are not the prettiest things )
    Kiki yes i just learned about it not too long ago.I have to go to the gastro to get the official diganoses but the rhemtologist told me that’s what is wrong w/ me .

  9. Read the book “Born to Run” to find out all about the barefoot running movement and shoes like these. My sister and brother in law have these. His back is all jacked up and he loves them. You really have to ease into them though. I started using nike free sneakers, they are more cushioned than these but not nearly as cushioned as shoes I was wearing previously. I have tried to run in the past but always had problems with my toes and IT band etc etc. I really like the nike free, and will someday move on to something even closer to barefoot. BTW if you do get them don’t get the all black ones, they look like gorilla feet.
    Sorry to hear about your Chron’s Mindy.
    I have the St Ives in my bathroom too and haven’t touched it since my vacation. Im such a fucking slacker I can’t be bothered to put on lotion.

  10. For the record, Kiki did not plan on running anywhere in these shoes.

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