Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

Did you hear the one about…

by margo fontaine

…how eating like a wackadoo makes your bones hate you?

Click here. (But really: click here.)

Oh, Gwynnie.

Vitamin D-on't be a dumbass

You can say it’s a vitamin deficiency all you want, and I hope the sunshine does your body good.  But do you think I’m stupid?

Sunshine is good for you.  SO IS PROTEIN.  Eat a cheeseburger.

Don’t be a tool.


3 Responses to “Did you hear the one about…”

  1. Seems the only thing really strange about her diet (other than that it’s vegan) is consistent and regular Master Cleanses. I believe we’ve been down this road already (with the help of kat eden)…

  2. snap!

  3. Oh gosh. I didn’t mean that to be snippy. I just meant I’m confused about her bones since her diet doesn’t seem that bizarre.

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