Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

Some fucked up shit

by kiki dogwood

Yesterday I was vegging out during the baby’s nap and watching an Mtv “True Life” about super hot gay guys who fly across the country to fuck morbidly obese gay guys in their big fat poopers.  What the fuck is going on here?  In gay life and in straight life there are a sector of people who go out of their minds at the thought of having sex with someone who could crush them if they rolled over unexpectedly.  They’re chubby chasers.  I hesitate to tag this post out of fear of being spammed by them like we were with the trannies.

So this perfect 10 of a gay male specimen– gorgeous face, outrageous body, sexy glasses– flew from California to Tennessee for a one-night stand with a slob who lived with his mom and 3 dogs and weighed in somewhere around 450 pounds.  I can’t remember exactly how much he weighed because my brain short-circuited at the thought of what was going on here.  Fat dude pretended that he’s looking for love, wanting to settle down, and that having sex with strangers with fatty fetishes was the way to accomplish his goals.  If only Hottie didn’t live in California!  They’d be happy forever!

He picks Hottie up at the airport, and Hottie is all over him, pawing at him from the back seat while Chubby was driving (they had to make room for the camera man so Hottie rode in the back).  They go out, and all evening Chubby is pretending that he might not put out because Hottie is a bad boy, fed him too many desserts, or one of the dogs he’s hoarding doesn’t like him.  Hotty is telling the camera how wonderful it is to make love to someone of that size because everything is in different proportions and they are so, well, fat.  End of the night, Chubby gets it up his big fat pooper and drives Hottie back to the airport the next day, wishing he had his forever man there in Tennessee.

And then I remembered Sophia, a big fat bitch I used to work with in New York who made all of us miserable with her bullying, and how one time she accidentally left a chubby chaser website up on a communal computer.  I remember thinking, “Oh how nice that there are dating sites for big fat bitches like Sophia,” but now I realize what was really going on.  I’d say it makes me sad, but it doesn’t because she was that big of a bitch.


2 Responses to “Some fucked up shit”

  1. choke on that, Sophia.

  2. WOW. Just, wow.

    I think the only thing more amazing than that entire concept is your description of it. Big Fat Pooper, indeed.

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