Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

Friday fat check

by margo fontaine

hoho0482 on flickr

129.6 lbs
23.8% body fat


How’s that Bikini-Challenge-For-Real-This-Time-At-A-Bar-on-July 31st body coming along, Kiki?


8 Responses to “Friday fat check”

  1. You said we weren’t really doing it, so I started eating cornbread everyday.

    I’m still at 158 dehydrated, which would probably be 156 if I drank something other than diet coke.

  2. Yesterday I had a bagel AND cake AND a veggie burger at dinner.

    But only because I was celebrating my last day of boot camp where I kicked some b*#$es’ asses in the final competition. For reals. It was hot.

  3. Everything you do is hot anonndog.

  4. Amen to that. Tell us about kicking some bitches asses.

    (I love cornbread.)

  5. We had a 1.5 mile run. I did it in 11:15, yo. Then did 60 sit ups in a minute and 42 (fake) pushups in a minute. Waiting to find out who won the bootcamp and gets a free class in the fall.

  6. badass.

  7. I LOST.


    I secretly love her because she’s great but I have NO idea how she beat me. I was 2 mins ahead of her on the run and can’t imagine she totally whipped me in the pushups and situps.. weight loss was also included in the score, I gained 0 points on that puppy, so maybe she has me there. I need to see her stats before I buy it. MAN!

    In other news, I saw The Blind Side on the elliptical this morning at the gym. Can someone PLEASE find out her diet and exercise regime and post it here?? Because, Jesus.

  8. Super lame, Annondog! Nobody is badderass than you.

    I haven’t seen The Blind Side… but I’ll look into it.

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