Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)


by margo fontaine

Did cellulite exist in the 40’s?

Rita Hayworth

I mean, I know that’s a ridiculous question, but doesn’t it seem like there’s just a lot more of it now than, say, 50 or 60 or 200 years ago?  Is it just that we show more skin now?  Or is it that we’re a disgusting country that does nothing but eat at McDonald’s?


3 Responses to “Hmmm.”

  1. I’ve wondered about that myself. It has to be the diet. We eat too much fake shit and sugar shit now (not even sugar- hfcs). I’m sure cellulite exsisted then but not as many pictures were taken. If you are going to use real film, better make sure your subject is worth photographing. I think people cared more about their appearance too. On that note if you need a little motivation and and a few good laughs, this site is CRAZY
    Good to see you posting … im still here, and am really going to start again – soon

  2. That site is horrifying. I don’t even know what to do about it.

    H O R R I F Y I N G .

  3. No no. That site is brilliant and is my example of why I need to come up with my own Internet Empire. Think about it: Some dude has an idea for something that’s funny. He doesn’t have to come up with content, because people take photos and send them to him and he posts them. People at work are bored and read it every day. Advertisers want their eyeballs so pay said dude lots of money for advertising and everyone wins. Advertisers get eyeballs. Bored work people get entertained. People who send in their photographs feel cool. Said dude gets money and fame and does no work. Sign me up.

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