Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

Friday FAT check: Holy Mother of God edition

by margo fontaine

hoho0482 on flickr

133.8 lbs.
24.8% fat*

(* I weighed myself 4 times this morning within the span of 5 minutes and got 4 different numbers, ranging from 132.6 to 135.4.  ONE THIRTY FIVE POINT FOUR.  That would be almost 5 pounds in two weeks, so I just can’t believe it’s true.  I blame PMS, dehydration, and myself for drinking too many margaritas.  The closest numbers averaged to the one I posted.  And once again 24.8% fat feels more like 63%.)

OKAY, KIDS.  Here’s the thing.  Kiki doesn’t want to do this anymore, and she is the one who everybody likes talking to because she’s so funny and interesting and knows where all the good Megan Fox pictures are.  So, I thought for awhile that it just meant the end of SkinnyThighs, but my thighs aren’t skinny yet!  And I need them to be!  And I don’t want to give up!  But I am weak and can’t seem to get things done without some kind of accountability buddy who will subject me to public humiliation for my own good.

So, I don’t know what will happen, but I’m not ready to put this to bed yet.  Not while I’m still 63% fat.

Is anybody still out there?


6 Responses to “Friday FAT check: Holy Mother of God edition”

  1. I’m here!

    I haven’t been spending alot of time online for a while cause I have been busy with my kids who were here for the summer and my new puppy.

    I have been running 5 miles every other day. I’ve been ok with my diet. Adult beverages – there’s my weakness. That and the cookie dough that I’ve been making for the kids so that I get that “mother of the year award.”

    Average weight – 132.
    I feel it. just the extra jiggly weight on my thighs and my ass. I have to get rid of it. I am going to vegas in october. I do need to be in my absolute bestest shape ever so I don’t get stupid and be insecure.

    I am here Margo! right with ya!

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to see a comment in my whole life. THANK YOU, FAITH!

    How’s the puppy?!! 5 miles every other day is amazing. I’m so proud of you!

    That’s about my average weight, too. I think I’ll chalk up this last week to stupid PMS. The fitness class that was kicking my ass just ended, and the next one doesn’t start for 7 weeks. Meanwhile, I’m falling into the Adulty Beverage Hall of Shame, and it is absolutely my downfall.

    BUT. Must. Keep. Going!

    You will be great in Vegas. October is the perfect length away: enough to be motivated and not too long to loose it. What can we do? A glass of water for every adult beverage? Banish the booze to the weekends?

  3. I’m here! I’m here! I just got back from a 5 day camping trip – you know what that means tons of eating drinking and lazyness – I have been so busy this summer I know I have put on weight. I haven’t been exercising very much but the eating has been OK. School starts this week so I will be back to a better workout schedule since I will be getting up early again and only have 1 kid with me all day. I would love to stick around and help you to stay accountable if you will do the same for me – maybe we can post our weekly workout/weight goals and then do the check ins – its your blog though – so whatever you want to do I’ll join in- btw – I think you are pretty fucking hilarious too and you find lots of awesome pics! i am weighing myself tomorrow am – I have been avoiding the scale big time

  4. Thanks, Jaime! I’m really glad you guys are still here. Things may be fewer and far between with Kiki gone, but I want to try to do what I can.

    We can do weekly goals and stuff. Let me think on it for a bit.

    You guys are awesome.

    Where is Annondog??

  5. The puppy – Amber – is freaking amazing! SHe is so very cute, adorable, frisky, wonderful, energetic, terrific!! I could go on and on! She is truly a velcro dog (as Vizsla’s are known for!!)!!

    We can do this!! Kiki will peek at the page and see how awesome it still is and she will be compelled to join us again!!

    The last time I remember not feeling jiggly was at 120 – so Margo – i will be your partner in making 120 our bitch. I want (need) to be 120 before Vegas – and 2 months is plenty of time to do it!

    New rule – for every 1 adult beverage – you must drink an extra litre of water!!!

  6. WTF?!?!?!I made a comment on my phone TWICE last week when you posted this and it never went through?!?! Darn. I’m here!!! But had no computer since Thursday so posted the comment from my phone. I think my exact words were, “I’m here. And fat.”


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