Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

Faith, what’s our due date?

by margo fontaine

Ladies, the next challenge on our calendars is The Vegas Showgirl Challenge, proposed by Faith.

So: Faith is calling the shots!

1.) What’s the date of the challenge?
2.) What are those of us not going to Vegas going to do to commemorate said challenge?

You are running the show, baby, so give us something good and inspirational!  Your options do not include: “Don a headdress,” or “Dance on a poll.”

How fucking awesome is this showgirl and her sassy yellow tail feathers?!


6 Responses to “Faith, what’s our due date?”


    First things first: We are going to Vegas October 21st – 25th

    so now I have lots of thinking to do…. as to how to adequately inspire and motivate my fellow Skinny Thigh Stalkers – opps I mean Readers!!
    Give me a few hours to get some work done and I will muddle through some ideas simultaneously

  2. I thought long and hard. I am not the most creative person so this is my best shot. If someone else has a better/different motivating activity or has suggestions for enhancing my idea – – – let’s hear it!! All suggestions are welcome!!


    Ultimate Girls Night Out!!

    In an effort to show off your skinny thighs and your sexy body, I propose that Skinny Thigh readers organize a girls-only bar crawl that will embody Vegas style celebrating!!

    Plan it for Saturday, October 23rd. Invite all your chick friends and plan out a bar crawl (planning on hitting at least 3 bars). ((I will post more details later on how to plan out the best bar crawl))

    Costume: as skimpy as you want – they only requirement is to wear something that will show off that beautiful booty and emphasize your weight loss/fitness efforts!!

    **water rule will be waived for this night!!

    Whatcha think??

  3. I super love this idea! Nice one, Faith!

    Ooooooooh, I have to get motivated somehow!!

  4. Sounds great Faith – fun, drinking, hot clothes, hot bods- what could be better – (well I guess that actually doing it all in vegas would be better) I’m totally in is the goal 10 lbs or do we create our own goal?

  5. I say, create your own. I’ll post a weigh-in tomorrow and anyone who wants to join and give as much detail as they want!

  6. Go for the 10 lb goal! You can do it Jaime!

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