Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

Yes sir, Master Chief

by margo fontaine

Okie doke, Annondog.  Shall we construct for you a bootcamp?  I’m no expert, by any means.  But if you’re game, I’m game.  And If we can help, that’s what we’re here for!  Here’s what I need to know:

• What did your last bootcamp consist of?  (Was it broken into sections?  Different things on different days?  Was it about fitness, weight loss, personal besting, what?  Things like this.)

• What did you like most about it?  About working out in general?

• What did you like least about it?  About working out in general?

• What do you have access to at your gym or wherever you work out?

• How much time to you want to devote to this and how often?

• What do you want to accomplish?

Ready, set go.

G. I. One-Armed-Push-Up Jane, Mofos.


4 Responses to “Yes sir, Master Chief”

  1. I heart you and I will get right on this – but the s*#& just hit the fan at work so it’ll have to wait til later today. Smooches.

  2. the boot camp class that I went to combined cardio and interval training. we did stairs (lots of ’em). We did suicides and sprints. We did planks. then we would do a circuit of strength training stuff and targeted muscle work.

    boot camp is kick ass!!

  3. oh my boot camp was only on Friday and Monday mornings for an hour at the local YMCA

  4. Okay I don’t even know how to describe it. It was different every day and was usually somehow strength and cardio at the same time. Like we’d go outside and do one leg deadlifts and then sprint a lap, then do some other exercise and sprint a lap. Repeat until death. Then the next session we’d be running hills and stopping for push ups in between. The next day we’d have a race on the treadmill to see who could burn 100 calories the fastest, then do strength or kickboxing in the gym. The trainer was a trainer in the Marine Corps in his previous life and just pushed us to the brink. It was t/th for an hour and I’d usually do straight cardio (elliptical) after, along with m/w/f. I have some workouts of his that i’m still doing but know I can’t push myself as hard as he pushed me. It’s starting up again in September..

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