Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

The way it is

by margo fontaine

Inexplicably, I did not wake up yesterday morning looking like this:

Molly Sims by Timothy White

I KNOW.  What gives?

In this case, I’m pretty sure what gives is that I have the stamina of a jelly fish and have a hard time with self-motivation.  And that I’m not 5’11” and a super gorgeous model.  Duh.

So, I started back with the meat for breakfast and the cranwater and the trying to get enough regular water.  I’m a grown ass woman, one would think it would not prove so challenging to make myself DRINK WATER.  Jeez.

And I went back to the gym yesterday.  Well, that’s an over-statement.  I went to the track at the gym and walked around it for 45 minutes.  Which: boo.  That’s not working out.  But it’s not nothing.

AND then last night I went and had a horseback riding lesson (!), which lasted for a couple of hours and today I cannot feel my butt.  So, things are looking up.

(Except that I’m now out of left over fajitas, which means I’m not sure where my meat for breakfast is going to come from tomorrow.)

How’s it going for you guys?


5 Responses to “The way it is”

  1. I am having a hard time staying motivated too. exercising isn’t too hard and resisting the alcohol has been easier – its the junk food – having a really hard time declining cookies (like oreo’s) or Ben & Jerry’s coffee heath bar crunch ice cream (yummmmm)

    after thinking long and hard, i decided that I am my most consistent when I am training for something. So I signed up for another race – this time its a 15k. Its on October 9th.

    hopefully that will keep me on track. because the just know the trip is coming up is not enabling me to have the will power to just say No

  2. oh yeah – way cool about the horseback riding lessons! What a really cool thing to start up!!!

  3. OH, that is such a good idea, Faith. GOOD on you for figuring that out and stepping up to the plate. I think it’s really smart! Immediately when I read that I was, like, “Oh, shit, I hope there is nothing out there I could sign up for…” How LAME!

    So, what does training mean to you? Is it more than exercise?

  4. Training becomes my mindset – well actually it becomes my obsession. I tend to be a little… ummm … obsessive/compulsive about stuff.

    When I am training for a race – I run and exercise – I have a schedule and a chart and I check off boxes and crazy stuff like that. I think about every food choice (is it junk or is it fuel for my body). I am able to reject alcohol and junk so much easier. I plan every meal, snack, water, drink, etc.

    I think it gives me a focus and helps me stay on track. Otherwise “getting into shape” or “losing weight” are too vague and I make excuses or I procrastinate.

    I find that this works best for me.

  5. a chart you say? what kind of chart? i love charts.

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