Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

Saturday scale time

by kiki dogwood


I actually went the whole week without weighing myself because our scale battery died and I just replaced it.  I feel awesome!  I even cheated every single day with bites of sweetened greek yogurt, baby cookies, goat cheese, and on two shameful occasions, toffee bars.  And last Saturday?  Right after I posted?  We went to a sausage fest (literally) that happens in our town during October and completely fell off the wagon with sausage, dark beer, corn on the cob and funnel cake.

This sounds really bad, right?  But for me to lose nearly 2 pounds in the midst of all of that gives you an idea of how much shit I was eating last month.  We are truly enjoying eating this way (am not referring to the cheating) and are proud of ourselves for all of the home cooking, lunch packing, and leftover eating.  It’s not cheap, though.  All of that produce and high-quality protein, not to mention the cranberry is $200 a week. I would tell you how that compared to our fast-food habit but I’ve never let myself tally it up.  On the worst days it would have been 3 meals for 2 people at $6 a pop, so that would be $252 per week.

This is 10.2 pounds in 3 weeks.  7 1/2 pounds from pre-pregnancy weight and 14 pounds from goal.  God.  That sounds far away.


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