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Weekly Weigh-In

January 30, 2012

by margo fontaine 147.8 lbs. Barf. Advertisements


January 29, 2012

Did you hear who was hospitalized for doing whip-its the other night? What the fuck, Demi?  Is life so hard?  It is so stressful being so fucking rich?  Can you not buy another boyfriend?  How exactly did you think life was going to go when you married that 17 year old? Also, what kind of […]

my crockpot is my new best friend

January 29, 2012

by margo fontaine I made this today and it is freaking delicious: Like, seriously ridiculously delicious.  I kind of want to eat nothing else ever again. I substituted mushrooms for onions (because I hate onions) – and maybe it’s weird, but I kind of can’t wait to wake up in the morning so I […]

Okay, people.

January 29, 2012

by margo fontaine Remember that time I was going to make 120 my bitch? I now weigh 5 lbs more than when we started this blog, Kiki.  And I don’t have 2 adorable little kidlets to show for it. I’m disgusting and it is unacceptable. Also: I need these. Bikini Challenge 2012, anyone?

Oh hi.

January 29, 2012

by kiki dogwood You want to know what’s funny about all of these posts below from the fall of 2010 where I talk about losing weight, fasting, and then making a baby?  I was pregnant.  Apparently I got pregnant in September and did not realize it until Thanksgiving Day. And now we have a little […]