Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

Oh hi.

by kiki dogwood

You want to know what’s funny about all of these posts below from the fall of 2010 where I talk about losing weight, fasting, and then making a baby?  I was pregnant.  Apparently I got pregnant in September and did not realize it until Thanksgiving Day.

And now we have a little Blueberry Dogwood bundle of love and I weigh 170 motherfucking pounds.

I’m thinking of weaning the baby.  We’ve nursed for 7 months.  I’m not the kind of mom who is going to nurse for a year; I’m just not.  It’s draining, it’s a tremendous sacrifice to your time and your sleep and your ability to lose weight while nursing because that whole thing about breastfeeding to lose weight is a big fat lie.  If you dropped 30 pounds while breastfeeding for the first 6 weeks you were probably going to drop 30 pounds no matter what.

I deserve to weigh 143.  That is my gorgeous weight, my not yet bobble-head weight.  My skinny strong thigh weight.  My six-pack ab weight.

Why does 27 extra pounds feel like 100?


4 Responses to “Oh hi.”


    I’m at 148.0 today – and that is after eating (semi) paleo for a week and losing 4 lbs.

    So, I guess that’s 28 extra pounds for me, and it totally feels like 100. It’s horrible.

    We need to kick this shit in the ass, Kiks.

  2. So we’re the same amount of fat. Awesome. I’m glad I’m not fatter than you. Does that make you feel better that you’re making me happy?

    Good for you for eating paleo. Mr. Dogwood is starting a fast tomorrow. Without me.

    I have to go dry my hair before it looks like a motherfucking poodle. I’m out.

  3. There is something oddly calming about us being the same amount of fat, yes.

    Why is TigerBeat doing a fast??

  4. TigerBeat is fat, too. He knows it. Why is he fat? He drinks every night.

    Nobody listens to me.

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