Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)


Did you hear who was hospitalized for doing whip-its the other night?

What the fuck, Demi?  Is life so hard?  It is so stressful being so fucking rich?  Can you not buy another boyfriend?  How exactly did you think life was going to go when you married that 17 year old?

Also, what kind of mother posts pics like this on twitter?

One that rides the white pony, that’s what.

Fuck him, Demi!  You are the epitome of post-menopausal hotness.  Oh, wait, how old are you?  It doesn’t matter.  You’re super smoking and need to put down the blow and leave the nitrous oxide to the college kids.


7 Responses to “Ruh-roh.”

  1. Dude, if I had any possible connection to Two and a Half Men, I would ride that white pony, too.

    But those twitter pictures are ridiculous.

  2. I heard she was hospitalized for being anorexic too.. but that does not help me understand those photos. Poor Demi.


  3. Stupid, uninteresting, short-minded post… Is that ALL you people have to say about this?!
    Gossip, gossip, and gossip, followed by plenty of “F” and “B” words…
    Do you still believe everything you see / read / watch/ listen to?!
    Who are you (we) to judge others?!
    “(…) leave the nitrous oxide to the college kids.”- What kind of “advise” is this?! (Even for college kids!!!) Ridiculous!
    Being beautiful, rich, successful and famous doesn’t necessarily mean being happy. But I’m not the one who’s going to teach you this.
    Demi Moore is a human being above all. And she should be seen and treated as one: first of all with respect.
    Sensitivity, a priority in a matter like this one, doesn’t come here to surface… That’s sad! But unfortunately it seems to be something you either have or you haven’t…

  4. Kiki! We’ve finally made it! Hate comments!!

    • Glad to see you approved her so she doesn’t think we’re skerd. I can’t believe anyone took the time to write all of that to us. Or think it.

      • Yes. I’m kind of dying to know what the Google search terms were that led you to us, mcfsantos. If you spent more time than it takes to read one post, you’d know what we’re about…

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