Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)


by margo fontaine

Tonight I saw the world premiere of a new musical based on the movie Giant.  I have many things to say about it (gorgeous to look at, too long, musically lush, and so on) but most of those things have nothing to do with the subject matter of this blog.

Why I bring it up now is because there was a woman in it – a secondary character, with two songs (in a three. hour. musical.) – whose babies I now want to have.  Her name is Katie Thompson:

I want to credit this photog, but can't find the info because I'm too busy crushing on her.

I never know how to say this without being coarse, but she is, shall we say, not a delicate flower.  I do not worry that she needs to eat a sandwich, or that she’s going to catch a cold if the wind blows, or is in any serious danger of withering away from any kind of wasting disease.  And yet:

SHE IS FUCKING HOT.  She is the best kind of hot.  She is smokey.

I want to be smokey.

This is maybe not your musical bag, Kiki, but just focus on the sass:

Also, just to reminisce about Buddy McJerk for a second, there’s this:



4 Responses to “Smokey”

  1. I’m not saying this excuses me from behaving myself. I’m just saying there is more to hotness than making 120 my bitch.

  2. I don’t have time to watch this shit. You know that.


    I’ll watch it after work today and then we’ll have a book club meeting over it.

  3. You don’t have to watch it. It’s for the 19,000 people who find our blog by accident when looking for Molly Sims.

  4. I wish I could make hearts on your comment.

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