Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

I feel a fast coming on


I’m tired of weighing 170/171.  This baby isn’t making nursing her easy anymore– she bites, she’s distracted, she’s stretching the hell out of my nipples.  She’d rather have a bottle.

Would it be crazy to wean her (remember the 10 days of Victoria Beckham boobs last time) and start a fast on the same day?  Or would not eating food lessen my milk supply and make it easier?  This time I’m going to try a tight sports bra and cabbage in my bra.  Except at work.   No one wants to smell cabbagey at work.

If I fast for 7 days starting tomorrow, and then go strict paleo until I leave for NYC, I bet I can weigh 155 and be back in my old jeans.


One Response to “I feel a fast coming on”

  1. YES, I do remember last time, and do you really want to be that miserable PLUS fasting misery? Do you? Maybe it would lessen your milk and make it easier, but would it really? I don’t know, Kiks. I guess if it gets you back in your old jeans, maybe it’s worth it. But just know there’s a shit storm a brewin’.

    Though, I think enduring a shit storm for a week should be less of a big deal than it is to me. I mean, come on, Margs. Man up.

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