Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

So much worse than I thought

Today I took the battery out of that fucking body fat scale and put it back in.  I was tired of how it was always stuck on the same number for the past 2 weeks:  170.8.  I know I can’t possibly always weigh exactly the same.

So, guess what the new number is?


Be careful what you wish for.

So, this is what’s going on in my life:  Mr. Dogwood started a new job that makes him leave the house by 6:45am.  I am left to run our business all by myself but at least we have a babysitter until 3pm.  Young son Dogwood starts preschool today, so there will be a cryfest for that.  On my part, probably not his.  I haven’t nursed this baby since yesterday morning which didn’t even count as nursing anyway since she’s over it and wants a bottle.  If bricks had nerves, my boobs are 2 big bricks.

Cabbage does not stink.  It doesn’t help anything, either.  I’m now off to work in a fucking sports bra which I’m sure is going to make my chest look just as sexy as a lesbian binding her boobs to look manly.  Exactly what I want to balance this 174.4 pound ass.

Got to go make some lemon juice.


One Response to “So much worse than I thought”

  1. I hope you told that scale to go fuck itself.

    So, are you really gonna fast?

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