Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

Looking for me?

Oh, hi, Blogoshpere.  Were you looking for me: Molly Sims?  Well, here I am.

You're Welcome.

I just dropped by to tell these bitches that June is closer than you think.



3 Responses to “Looking for me?”

  1. Classic Margo. I’ve missed this.

  2. From the “how much do they weigh” website:

    How Much Does Molly Sims Weigh?

    She’s thought to weigh about 118lbs or 53.5kg

    How Tall Is Molly Sims?

    Molly is 5’9.5″ or 176.5cm

    What Are Molly Sims’ Measurements?

    34-23-34 (75-57-75)

    What Is Molly Sims’ Bra Size?


    Kiks here again. How the hell is that possible? I haven’t weighed 120-something since I was in high school and even then it wasn’t a skinny look. I’m a half inch shorter than Molly and my GOAL is 25 pounds more than what she weighs?

  3. Maybe her bones are hollow like Jack Donaghy’s old girl friend on 30 Rock.

    Except that I’m pretty sure my bones only weigh 8 lbs, according to that fancy machine scan I had that one time. So, WTF?

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