Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

Pissed Off

by margo fontaine

So.  I was just out walking my baby dog Coco Fontaine, and suddenly I started to get enraged about something I saw earlier today:

This is a blog post talking about the “10 Most Fabulous ‘Real Size’ Celebrities.”  Are you ready for who is on the list?

1. Selma Hayek
2. Katie Holmes (?!)
3. Reese Witherspoon (?!)
4. Jennifer Garner (?!)
5. JESSICA ALBA (????!!!!!!!)
6. Jennifer Lopez
7. Beyonce
8. Jessica Simpson
9. RACHEL MCADAMS (????!!!!!)
10. JESSICA BIEL (WTF?????!!!!!!!)

I don’t know how old this post is, but I do know that it’s bullshit.  I mean, good for these ladies and all that and whatever, but I’m gonna go ahead and call BULLSHIT.

JESSICA ALBA?  It’s like they picked celebrities that have either had babies or are fierce worker-outers or are daddy’s girls from Texas who really like barbeque.  You know.  Because those are things that make you “Real Size.”

Fuck you,  ALLWOMENSTALK?!?  This just makes me more mad.  No wonder the girls in this country have body issues.


8 Responses to “Pissed Off”

  1. SERIOUSLY ? Katie Holmes ? Reese Witherspoon ? You mean Reese Shouldwitheraway ? OMG WTF ? No one people like me are so fucked up in the head !

  2. Totally reposting this stupid ass list on facebook !

  3. Right on.

  4. Yes, the first 5 are celebrities who have all had post-baby weight to lose at one time so those would be the pictures they’d go with. Beyonce is just redonk, no matter what size she is. Rachael McAdams and Jessica Biel (and J. Lo, obvs) have big round booties even if the rest of them looks like a super hero. J. Simp…. well sometimes J. Simp is just a cow. But I do love her.

  5. Here is what I have learned about the internet: articles such as this one aim to do one thing: come up in google searches so people will click on them and bring in ad revenue. They are not intended to say anything, only to include highly-searched words so they can make more money. Do not worry your pretty little head about such BS.

  6. Rachel McAdams has a big booty?

    ps: Anondog is a genius.

  7. I ❤ you and I now ❤ Rachel McAdams' booty.

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