Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

What’s New?

– margo

Not much.  I’m in a new play.  In it, here are some of the things that are said about my character:

“Some fellows marry a girl when she’s little an’ tiny.  Then, when the girl gets comfortably settled down, what does she do?  Puts on flesh, of course!  When I fell in love with this baby-doll I’ve got here, she was just the same size then that you see her today.”

“That’s how I liked her: large!”

“I don’t want nothing little, not in a woman.”

“Delicate?  Me?  Oh, no.  I’m too big for that.”

“There’s a lot of you, but every bit of you is delicate.”

“You’re a big type of woman.”

Aaaaand…. curtain.


3 Responses to “What’s New?”

  1. ouch, Margo 😦
    But you are not a Large Marge!!!

    also, I feel so bad in films when someone is portraying the “unattractive one,” and it’s addressed during the film. How does that actor feel about that? I presume it bums them out. I would be crushed.

  2. Thanks, Dee. (I like your website.)

    Kiki: If I’m supposed to be Large Marge in a show at the end of April, we cannot make BC2 in June.

  3. BC2 can be in November for all I care.

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