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Okay, Bitches.

April 8, 2012

– margs In light of the holiday spirit, I figure that if Christ could take the time to rise, the least I could do is offer us this: (with special thanks to Annondog for introducing me to my new girl crush.) KIKI. All I want in this life is to have such a bite-able butt.  […]


April 4, 2012

Well hello!  I didn’t realize we were back on!  I’ve been super swamped with work and taking care of my kiddos who want to rip me to pieces with their NON-STOP NEEDS and I haven’t had time to check in here.  I’m at 153.5 if you can fucking believe that.  One fast and TWO bouts […]

Dear Kiki

April 1, 2012

WHERE ARE YOU??? I bought bread AND cereal today AND drank vodka AND ate ice cream. And the ice cream had cake in it.  It was delicious. But OMIGODI’MDISGUSTING! – margs