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Don’t fret, Kiki!

March 2, 2010

by margo fontaine All will be well! This will be us on June 5th: Only we will be so much hotter than this little peanut, and the buff dreamy life guards at that famous local pool will be falling over each other to bring us towels and pop the tops of our Sofia Blanc de […]


March 2, 2010

by margo fontaine Guess whose pants are loose today.  Go ahead.  Guess.

Starting Over Everyday

February 3, 2010

by margo fontaine I used to have a meditation teacher who would talk about pouring clean water into a glass of dirty water. What happens? Eventually, you’ll end up with a glass of pure clean water. In the meditation analogy, the clean water is the true nature of the self, while the impurities of the […]

The Track

February 1, 2010

by margo fontaine When you’re at the starting line, it’s sometimes hard to remember that the track doesn’t just go on and on in a straight line forever—especially when all you can really see from there are the seemingly millions of hurdles that lie in your path. The thing to remember, though, is that a […]

Run it

January 28, 2010

by kiki dogwood Here’s the thing about not giving your all to cardio:  it doesn’t matter how motivated you are in the weight room– squeezing out extra squat reps or lunging your way across the building– if you’re carrying 20, or even 10 extra pounds on your frame.  Sure, you might be healthier and you […]