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February 18, 2012

I’m a little mad at myself for all of those days that I was just dropping one pound at a time, slowly going into starvation mode.  I’m going to go back to my original post about this in 2010 and adjust the recipe and make a note to drink enough calories.  I’m having about 2.5 […]


February 17, 2012

-kiki dogwood WHAT THE FUCK, Y’ALL?  I HAVEN’T EATEN IN 10 DAYS. So, the baby weight from baby #2 is gone but I’m still wearing a mild muffin belt.  7 more pounds of baby weight from baby #1 remain.  That’s 16 pounds down in 9 days. Who knew that 400 calories would send my body […]


February 15, 2012

I’m coming for you,  150s. Shockingly, this gets easier as time goes on.  The only day I was hungry was Saturday, the 4th day.  I am a little spacey and forgetful, but luckily I can just blame it on being tired since I have 2 kids.  No one suspects a thing–  I’m not telling people […]


February 14, 2012

–Kiki Margo, is everything ok?  Did you black out? I’m at 161.  I’ve never made it past 7 days before.  Tomorrow is day 8.  I’m going for 10, hoping that by the 11th day I’m 157.  Then I’ll bounce back up 3 pounds or so, and then start dropping again by eating paleo.  Or paleo/primal, […]

Maybe the same? Maybe a little less?

February 13, 2012

I can’t tell what the scale says but it’s still around 163.  Maybe yesterday should have been 164 and today is 163.  Also yesterday I got to sleep in 3 1/2 extra hours which makes a big difference in a half pound here or there when you weigh yourself. I feel thinner. I’m not stopping. […]

Today I woke up feeling thinner

February 12, 2012

Finally, really for the first time, I feel thinner.  The dial scale says something around 163 but to be honest I can’t read it because that’s the problem with dial scales:  they’re too hard to read.  I even just had my vision tested last weekend (20/15!  Better than average!) and I still can’t really read […]


February 11, 2012

That digital scale can blow me.  I got on it and it said 163 this morning and I knew that was too good to be true, so I popped out the battery and got on my new old-fashioned $20 dial scale and it said 166.  Which is still great.  Then I put the battery back […]

166.8, bitches.

February 10, 2012

by kiki dogwood Adios, 170.  Hope to see you never.  Not even when I’m an old lady and have completely given up on being polite to strangers and wake up in the morning and pound chocolate covered strawberries and lychee martinis. It was a big drop from yesterday. So big that I’m not even expecting […]

I’d better weigh 160-something tomorrow

February 9, 2012

–kiks 171.2. 3.2 pounds less than yesterday, almost back to the weight I was complaining about being in the first place.  Now on day 3 of not nursing.  The tight sports bra is helping a lot– not as much leaking and no movement, unless you count getting kicked in the titty at least 3 times […]

So much worse than I thought

February 8, 2012

Today I took the battery out of that fucking body fat scale and put it back in.  I was tired of how it was always stuck on the same number for the past 2 weeks:  170.8.  I know I can’t possibly always weigh exactly the same. So, guess what the new number is? 174.4. Be […]